Raiders mailbag: ‘Is Carr gonna be the QB in Vegas?’

first_imgYour Oakland Raiders officially stand alone with the NFL’s worst record. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft is in sight.So what better time to fire up the mailbag. Let’s get right to it.1. @BoomerMoore: So what position do they draft first?Everyone in Raider Nation seems to love Nick Bosa, and he’s a logical option for the Raiders’ first pick, wherever that lies, given their need for a pass-rusher or two. I don’t see the Raiders going defensive tackle early in the draft given their …last_img read more

Extra R1.5bn to combat HIV/Aids

first_img27 October 2010 South Africa is to spend an extra R1.5-billion on HIV/Aids prevention programmes over the next three years, says Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. R100-million of this will be spent this year, bringing the total HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted diseases budget for 2010/11 to R6.6-billion. Presenting his medium-term budget policy statement to Parliament in Cape Town on Wednesday, Gordhan said the state’s free antiretroviral programmes was adding around 300 000 new entrants each year, and that this was expected to increase to 400 000 new entrants a year over the next three years. Of the R100-million to be spent this year, Gordhan said R40-million would be allocated to provinces’ male circumcision programmes. According to the World Health Organisation, there is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexually-acquired HIV infection in men by up to 60 percent. The medium-term budget policy statement said data from the department of health’s 2009 antenatal survey showed that South Africa’s HIV infection rate was levelling off. “HIV prevention and treatment programmes are expanding rapidly and will continue to be prioritised,” it said.National Health Insurance In the general health sector, Gordhan said the government had prioritised funds to filling important posts, including medical registrars in obstetrics and paediatrics, and to recapitalising the country’s nursing colleges. In preparation for South Africa’s new National Health Insurance scheme, the government has proposed amendments to improve the fairness of the tax treatment of medical aid contributions. Gordhan said further work would be done to calculate the costing of the National Health Insurance, adding that until more calculations were made, there would not be any move to raise taxes to fund the new health insurance system. He said the government was considering piloting improved family health care as part of an enhanced primary care system, including district-based contracts with independent general practitioners. It is also considering making bulk purchases of medicines to bring down the general cost of buying medication. Also under consideration is a proposal to get private hospitals and academic institutions to partner with one another to train doctors and nurses, as well as another to help bring private-sector management into the delivery of public health care in the country. SAinfo reporter and BuaNewslast_img read more

Big corn yields and narrow trading ranges

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Corn harvest this month had many Ohio producers scrambling for completion. The huge amount of corn and soybean acres replanted earlier this spring pushed maturity several weeks behind normal. The time change the first weekend of November brought the stark reality that harvest conditions had dramatically changed. Gone were the long harvest hours seen during the last half of October when the weather provided nearly two weeks of excellent harvest conditions. The 70-degree or higher daily temperatures evaporated along with the many hours of sunny weather. Those days were often replaced with daily highs struggling to reach even 50 degrees. The first 10 days of November brought rain nearly every day to much of Ohio. Those rains were particularly troublesome for those struggling to finish harvesting soybeans.Producers and grain elevators alike have been working diligently to make room for the long harvest period seen in October and November. On farm storage is being used to the maximum as producers scramble to find room for all of the corn flowing out of combines this fall. Rain delays not only yielded time for equipment repairs, but allowed producers the opportunity to put even more corn in places which had not been used with regularity in past years. Producers continue to be flabbergasted with the corn yields this fall. Across Ohio, corn yields are setting new records for numerous producers. The huge amount of replanted acres pushed maturity later than desired. November brought less than desired harvest opportunities as farm dryers struggled to keep up with the huge amount of corn that needed to be dried. The rains of early November even pushed one central Ohio commercial grain facility to switch their dryer to soybeans, away from corn, in order to condition incoming grain to desired levels. That strategy was no doubt seen across the state.The November USDA Supply and Demand Report estimated U.S. corn production at 14.578 billion bushels. The U.S. corn yield was estimated at 175.4 bushels per acre, up 3.6 bushels from October. In addition, 2017 marked the second consecutive year of a record U.S. corn yield. Last year the corn yield was 174.6 bushels per acre as it eclipsed the previous record of 171 bushels per acre in 2014. To summarize, corn has seen record setting years in three of the last four years. It certainly brings to light the tremendous genetics now being bred into each bag of seed corn. It also reminds us that corn likes wet, cool conditions, hating drought conditions. Ohio and the Midwest certainly saw those ideal growing conditions this summer.Corn ending stocks were estimated at 2.487 billion bushels, just shy of 2.5 billion bushels. That mark is an overwhelming number, which brings joy to the bears while bringing fear to those holding a huge amount of corn on the farm. Looking further at the November corn table, domestic usage of corn was increased 75 million bushels along with corn exports increasing the same 75 million bushels. Some analysts suggest that Brazil and Ukraine could see less corn production than previously estimated, had them in agreement with USDA that U.S. corn exports could easily be increasing the second half of the September to August marketing year. Others point out that corn used for ethanol could also be increasing in coming months from the current USDA estimate of 5.475 billion bushels.Corn and soybeans for much of October and early November had narrow trading ranges. Soybeans often had a daily range of seven cents or less while corn had a daily range of two cents or less. Overnight trading volumes were often very light for both corn and soybeans. This combination meant that grains were just not attractive for many traders. Option volatility was less than normal, meaning buyers of options had the opportunity to participate in the markets at less cost than seen in recent years. Some are suggesting that the nearby CBOT corn contract could reach $3.30. Soybeans during harvest spent some time above $10 but were unable to sustain those levels. Some speculators were exiting long soybean positions when the November report failed to reduce the U.S. soybean yield.last_img read more

10 months agoMan City ace Gabriel Jesus: I’m learning a lot from Aguero

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man City ace Gabriel Jesus: I’m learning a lot from Agueroby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City ace Gabriel Jesus admits he’s enjoying working alongside Sergio Aguero.The Brazilian’s lack of goals was partly down to limited game-time caused by the impressive form of his fellow South American Aguero.City’s all-time leading goalscorer recently missed three games with a groin injury, but City will expect to benefit from having both forwards healthy and in form.”Sergio is a good guy,” Gabriel said.”I like him. I like his football. He is a legend for City and I’m learning a lot from him.” last_img read more

Former Cincinnati Player Says Butch Jones Hit Players At Practice “Multiple Times”

first_imgJohn Lloyd tweets that Butch Jones hit players at practice.john lloyd cincinnati butch jonesLast week, a number of rumors regarding Tennessee head coach Butch Jones – including a claim that he punched a player this past summer during practice – made the rounds on social media. This Monday, Jones commented on the rumor, calling it “absolutely ridiculous.” Wednesday night, one of Jones’ former players made an interesting claim on Twitter regarding the situation.Former Cincinnati punter John Lloyd, who played for Jones from 2010-2012, told his followers that he saw Jones hit players “multiple times” during his time with the Bearcats. He also joked that Jones “probably” made Cincinnati’s video crew delete practice footage. It wasn’t a glowing review of his former [email protected] here are the tweets.— Football Time in TN (@FootballTimeMag) October 8, 2015Lloyd has since deleted the tweets and moved his account to private, for what it’s worth. Despite Jones’ statement on the matter, it doesn’t seem that this story has gone away. We’ll keep you updated.last_img read more

Just Win Baby And Youll Probably Make The College Football Playoff

Clemson 9-013667%67%17% Navy 7-1—155419%<1%<1% Oklahoma St. 9-01441337%23%5% TeamCFPEloFPIConf. TitlePlayoffNat. Title Florida State 7-21624170%<1%<1% Toledo 7-12440539%<1%<1% TCU 8-1812310%11%4% Stanford 8-11151152%26%5% Notre Dame 8-1569—30%7% Michigan 7-217201613%6%1% RankingProbability of … Texas A&M 6-3194923<1%<1%<1% UCLA 7-22321186%3%<1% Oklahoma 8-11514119%17%7% Ohio State 9-032544%57%15% Temple 8-122283943%<1%<1% Florida 8-110101438%19%3% LSU 7-129814%15%4% Memphis 8-11331453%<1%<1% Last season’s first-ever College Football Playoff might have miscalibrated everyone’s sense of what it takes to make it to the final four. Six power conference champions or co-champions1Thanks to a dubious decision by the Big 12. — Alabama, Baylor, Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon and TCU — were undefeated or had one loss against reasonably good schedules. There’s plenty of room to critique how the committee went about leaving Baylor and TCU out, but there was no one inherently correct way to slot six fairly equally matched teams into four playoff positions.But a field as crowded and qualified as last year’s was atypical. Most of the time there are a couple of teams that are weak links: a three-loss conference champion here, a one-loss team that played an incredibly weak schedule there. A mess like last year’s isn’t impossible, obviously. But usually the knot will untangle itself through conference championships, rivalry games and upsets that knock teams out late in the season.So don’t despair, Michigan State fans. (Of which I’m one.) Yeah, you probably lost on a bad call last weekend. But you’re still highly likely to make the playoff if your team wins all of its remaining games, in which case you’ll have defeated Ohio State and (probably) Iowa in the Big Ten championship. Pretty much every one-loss team from a power conference is more likely than not to make the playoff if it wins out.And an undefeated power conference team like Oklahoma State shouldn’t fret, even if it is currently outside the committee’s top four. Some of the teams ranked in front of it are almost certain to lose — and even if they don’t, there’s a good chance Oklahoma State will leapfrog some one-loss teams if it keeps winning.Our subjective perceptions of the playoff picture aren’t the only thing that may be miscalibrated, though. The same could be said about the FiveThirtyEight College Football Playoff model. At least, that’s the conclusion we came to when we were conducting research for this article. Although the model seems to give basically reasonable answers, a couple of things left us scratching our heads when we examined it more deeply.For instance, it posited a conspicuously large gap between Iowa’s chance of winning the Big Ten championship (27 percent) and making the playoff (8 percent). Iowa is undefeated, and while it’s possible they could win the Big Ten with one loss or more, the internal calculations in the model also implied that they’d have only about a 55 percent chance of making the playoff even if they ran their record to 13-0. One can see why a computer might come to that conclusion — Iowa has played a pretty bad schedule, and its margin of victory hasn’t been impressive — but human beings are going to vote an undefeated Big Ten champion into the playoff unless almost everything else2For instance, incredibly strong contenders from the other power conferences. is working against them.Readers had some questions for us too. Why was USC, which already has three losses, given any realistic chance by the model (granted, it was just 4 percent) of making the playoff? And why was one-loss Alabama’s chance of making the playoff so much higher than its SEC championship chances? There are some good reasons for that one,3In particular, if both Alabama and Mississippi had won out, Alabama would have lost the tiebreaker in the SEC West and missed the SEC championship game. The model inferred, correctly I think, that a one-loss Alabama team probably would still have made the playoff (perhaps along with a second SEC team) under those circumstances. This became a moot point when Mississippi was spectacularly upset by Arkansas. but even accounting for those, the gap seemed to be too wide and the model seemed to be too optimistic about Alabama still making the playoff if it endured a second loss.The theme here is that human beings pay a lot of attention to wins and losses — more than our computer seemed to be doing. An undefeated power conference team is going to get in except under rare circumstances. Two-loss power conference teams have historically finished in the AP top four more often than you might think, but it’s still a hard road. And a three-loss team making the playoff? Almost impossible unless there’s total carnage everywhere else.Since the whole point of our model is to mimic human intuition, reader feedback made us think it had some blind spots. So we re-examined the historical data4Since the playoff selection committee is only one year old, this also includes the behavior of the coaches’ poll since 2002. and concluded that our model should be placing more weight on plain-vanilla wins and losses. Or at least, it should be doing so for power conference teams (and for Notre Dame); minor conference teams historically haven’t been treated that kindly by either poll voters or the committee. Even if the committee currently ranks a one-loss team ahead of an undefeated team, or a two-loss team ahead of a one-loss team, it may re-examine the case in future weeks, and the team with fewer losses will often get the benefit of the doubt. (For a more technical explanation of how this is implemented in the model, see the footnotes.5One change we introduced earlier to the model is that it reverts the projected committee standings each week toward a team’s Elo rating. Elo ratings are a fairly simple method that often correspond pretty well with human judgment in ranking sports teams. But there’s an even simpler method: a rating based solely on a team’s win-loss record and whether it plays in a power conference. The new version of the model reverts a team’s ranking based on a combination of its Elo rating and its win-loss record, instead of its Elo rating alone.)This relatively simple change has little impact for most teams, but it does affect a couple of the cases that had bothered us (and some of our loyal readers). Iowa’s chances of making the playoff are now 18 percent instead of 8 percent. Alabama’s are 42 percent instead of 54 percent. USC’s are 1 percent6USC has a decent chance of winning the Pac-12 championship, but it would take a perfect storm of circumstances to get them into the playoff even if they did. instead of 4 percent. Here’s how everyone’s odds were affected by the change: Utah 8-112112122%12%2% Mississippi 7-31826109%<1%<1% Northwestern 7-2212961<1%<1%<1% Houston 9-025223633%2%<1% Wisconsin 8-2—17243%<1%<1% But back to football substance. I mentioned before how lots of teams, even if they don’t technically control their own destiny,7No team controls its own destiny, technically, since there are no guaranteed bids in the playoff. are favored to make the playoff if they win the rest of their games. Now that the model is (hopefully) doing a better job of mimicking the emphasis that human voters place on wins and losses, we can be more precise about that. Specifically, the model estimates that 14 teams have a 50 percent or greater likelihood of making the playoff conditional on winning out.The model figures that Michigan State, for instance, has an 86 percent chance of making the playoff if it wins out. Even the lowliest one-loss major conference team, North Carolina, which wasn’t ranked by the committee last week, is about even-money to make the playoff if it wins out. And undefeated Iowa (91 percent) and Oklahoma State (97 percent) are all but assured of making the playoff if they finish the year without a loss, even if the committee doesn’t have them in the top four tonight. Mississippi St. 7-22016153%3%<1% North Carolina 8-1—182030%5%<1% And here’s a new summary table showing the playoff picture heading into tonight, when the playoff committee will release its new rankings at 7 p.m. Undefeated Baylor has moved slightly ahead of one-loss Notre Dame in our forecast, but otherwise the top six are unchanged. USC 6-3—19719%1%<1% Baylor 8-067234%32%12% College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings as of Nov. 3. Michigan St. 8-1782212%10%1% Iowa 9-09132927%18%2% Alabama 8-141435%42%12% So the tough part for teams like Michigan State isn’t sweating the committee’s decision if it wins the Big Ten; it’s getting to that point in the first place. With Ohio State and Iowa still in the way; the Spartans have only an 11 percent chance of running the table. read more

Football Ohio States Urban Meyer investigation to reportedly receive 500K budget

Urban Meyer paces during a Buckeye offensive possession from the sideline in the third quarter of the Ohio State-Iowa game on Nov. 4. Ohio State lost 55-24. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State could be given $500,000 to spend in its investigation into how football head coach Urban Meyer handled the domestic abuse allegations against former wide receivers coach Zach Smith, according to Columbus Dispatch reporter Jenn Smola.According to the report, Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine has given Ohio State a budget of $500,000 to spend on the law firm handling the investigation. That budget will require approval from the Ohio Controlling Board on Monday. The report goes on to say that Ohio State cannot exceed a $1,620 per hour rate.Ohio State will be responsible for compensating the law firm, Debevoise and Plimpton, when the investigation has concluded, the report said.According to a statement issued by the university on August 5, an independent group will complete its investigation in 14 days. That group is chaired by former Ohio House speaker Jo Ann Davidson and is responsible for directing the work of the investigative team led by former Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Mary Jo White. She is also the senior chair for the law firm Debevoise and Plimpton. read more

Rooney Uturn a possibility after Allardyce sacking

first_imgWayne Rooney may be on the verge of doing a U-turn on his decision to leave Everton for DC United in the summer after the sacking of Sam Allardyce, reports Sports IllustratedThe former England captain agreed on a deal in principle to join DC in the MLS for next season after a disappointing second spell at Everton.Rooney had got off to a bright start this season and by mid-December had scored 10 goals for Everton.However, the 32-year-old then endured a difficult second-half of club’s campaign and was visibly upset when manager Sam Allardyce substituted him during Everton’s goalless draw against Liverpool in the Merseyside derby back on April 7.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…Rooney became reportedly frustrated with Allardyce’s agricultural tactics and decided to end his career in the Premier League in favour of a lucrative deal at the MLS.However, it is now believed that the England and Manchester United all-time record goalscorer has put the move on hold and is waiting for news on Everton’s new manager.Should the new head coach assure Rooney that he will be a big part of his plans for next season, then the forward may be willing to put the move to America on hold for another year.last_img read more

Celtic threatened with legal action

first_imgCeltic Football Club have been warned they face legal action if they fail to meet victims of paedophile Jim Torbett.Torbett, who is the founder of the Celtic’s Boys Club was jailed for six years on Monday for sexually abusing three boys over an eight-year spell.After continuous criticism, the Gers issued a statement on Wednesday expressing “deep regret” over Torbett’s crimes.However, solicitors insist it did not go far enough and has issued the Scottish champions with an ultimatum.In a message to the Celtic board, solicitor Patrick McGuire said, according to the BBC:“Please meet with me and my clients now and let us get this situation sorted out.”Mikey Johnston, CelticJohnston is disappointed after being injured Manuel R. Medina – September 11, 2019 Celtic winger Mikey Johnston was disappointed to miss Scotland Under 21 national team’s victories over San Marino and Croatia, and he hopes he can return to play soon.“This is an opportunity for Celtic to right the wrongs of the past and to lead the way in Scottish football where a club believes survivors and lives up to their responsibilities.”“I truly hope you do but if not then we will see you in court.”Kenny Campbell, who’s a former player of the Celtic Boys Club, said:“What makes me so sad is the way Celtic have just ignored me and other survivors.”“I see they have issued some sort of apology but it’s not enough.”“They need to accept responsibility for what was done and settle these legal cases.”last_img read more

Large Area of Disturbed Weather Located Over the Northeastern Caribbean Sea

first_img Recommended for you Related Items:dominican republic, puerto rico, virgin islands, Weather TCI Meeting with Dominican Republic reaps five goals Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 5 Nov 2014 – A large area of disturbed weather is located over the northeasternCaribbean Sea and extends northward across Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and continues over the Atlantic Ocean for several hundred miles. Surface pressures are gradually falling across this region and a low pressure system could form during the next day or so. This system could briefly acquire subtropical characteristics tomorrow or on Thursday while the low moves west-northwestward to northwestward. After that time, development is not expected while the disturbance moves north-northeastward and eventually merges with another frontal system. Regardless of development, locally heavy rainfall and possible flooding can be expected across the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and portions of the Dominican Republic tonight and Wednesday. For additional information on the heavy rainfall threat, please consult products issued by your national meteorological service.* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…20 percent.* Formation chance through 5 days…low…20 percent. DR wants consulate office in TCI TCI Tactic to minimize Zika revealed; less unskilled workers says Premierlast_img read more