MH370: No Objects of Interest Found from Bluefin-21 Gathered Data

first_img View post tag: found View post tag: no Authorities MAP OF TODAY’S SEARCH AREAThe six hours of data gathered by the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Bluefin-21 deployed on Monday night from Australian Defence Vessel (ADV) Ocean Shield within the MH 370 search mission has been downloaded and analysed. No objects of interest were found, Australian JACC said. MH370: No Objects of Interest Found from Bluefin-21 Gathered Data April 16, 2014 View post tag: interest View post tag: objects View post tag: Defense View post tag: Defence View post tag: 21% View post tag: data The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle was again deployed last night from ADV Ocean Shield.Up to 11 military aircraft, three civil aircraft and 11 ships will assist in today’s search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.Today the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a visual search area totalling approximately 55,151 square kilometres. The centre of the search areas lies approximately 2,087 kilometres north west of Perth.The weather forecast for today is south easterly winds with isolated rain showers, sea swells up to two metres and visibility of five kilometres.[mappress]Press Release, April 16, 2014, Image: JACC Back to overview,Home naval-today MH370: No Objects of Interest Found from Bluefin-21 Gathered Data View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Naval View post tag: Navy View post tag: MH370 View post tag: Gathered Share this article View post tag: Bluefinlast_img read more

Recycled-paper Pots

first_imgDon’t look for the newspaper pots in your garden center. So far, they’re only availablewholesale. But they can still help home gardeners. In the South, the fiber pots disintegrate in about six weeks. But when they’re treatedwith a copper mixture Ruter is studying, they can last up to two years in a nursery orgreenhouse. “Plants in these containers stay a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler in the root zone,” hesaid. “If you have a better root system, you get a better top and better plant all the wayaround.” The pots offer many advantages, he said. The porous fibers absorb only a part of theheat from sunlight and allow excess water to escape. The pot creates its ownevaporative cooling system, much like sweating in humans. To make the new pots, processors press recycled paper pulp into a mold that looksmuch like a standard nursery pot. The fiber pots cost about twice as much as theplastic. And so far, growers have been slow to use them. If the new pots catch on, they’re simple to dispose of when you take your plant home.”Take the fiber container off, crush it up and toss it in the bottom of the planting hole,”Ruter said. “Mother Nature and microbes in the soil will break down the fibercontainer. Some plants’ survival rates don’t improve enough to warrant the higher cost. But manydo. With one holly, for instance, growers can expect only 5 percent losses in blackplastic pots. But with another variety, losses of 30 percent to 50 percent are common. Dress cooler. That’s great advice in Deep South summers, for people and plants alike.And a new pot allows nursery growers to do just that for their plants. “The advantage to the consumer,” Ruter said, “is that they get a plant that’s generallygoing to be bigger and have a better root system. It’s going to transplant into thelandscape better and perform better.”center_img “These are actually containers made out of recycled newspaper for growing nurseryplants,” said John Ruter, a University of Georgia nursery crop researcher at the CoastalPlain Experiment Station in Tifton, Ga. Georgia nursery growers put their plants in black plastic pots. But they lose as many ashalf of some varieties in July, August and September. That’s when temperatures soarand frequent rains keep the plant roots too wet. In 1996, Georgians bought more than $273 million in living plants. That’s up by morethan a third over 1995 sales. Georgia products include greenhouse plants, turf grasses,ball-and-burlap and bare-root trees, bushes and shrubs. Nearly all these plants get theirstart in a pot. “It’s a good way of taking a waste product — old newspapers — and turning it intosomething useful,” he said. But Ruter figures most nurseries can easily recoup the extra expense in the highersurvival rates of many plants. Ruter, a horticulturist in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,is studying the new beige, recycled-paper pots and is learning how various plantsrespond to them. Black plastic pots absorb solar energy, heating the soil to temperatures that can killtender young roots. The plastic also prevents water evaporation from the sides of thepot, making root rot more likely.last_img read more

French football clubs to pay 75 percent tax: PM

first_imgFrance’s football clubs, including mega rich Paris St-Germain, will not be spared the burden of the proposed 75 percent tax, the French government confirmed on Tuesday.France’s Prime Minister’s office at Matignon insisted on Tueday that football clubs will be affected by the proposed 75 percent supertax, which President François Hollande announced last week would be paid by companies and not individuals.The statement will be a surprise to the head of France’s Football Federation (FFF) Noël le Graët who had ealier claimed that the country’s football clubs would would be spared the planned 75 percent tax rate.However the Prime Minister’s office at Matignon moved quickly to dismiss Le Graët’s words.“All businesses which pay salaries over €1 million” will be affected by the tax, read a statement from Matignon.In his televised address to the nation last week President François Hollande announced that his flagship 75 supertax that had been rejected by France’s highest court last year, would be paid by businesses and not by individuals as first proposed. Hollande did not however reveal details of how it would be paid or which companies it would affect.France’s Football Federation was clearly under the wrong impression that their clubs would be spared the levy.“The Prime Minister made it very clear to me that only the big enterprises will be affected. Clubs will be considered as small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) so will not be touched by the tax,” Le Graët told French daily Le Parisien.The PM’s office denied having had any contact with Le Graët.The news comes as mega rich Paris Saint-Germain take on Barcelona in the quarter finals of the Champions League on Tuesday night. The progress made by PSG in Europe has given French football a much-needed boost after spending years in the doldrums.The club, backed by billionaire Qatari owners, have spent millions to attract players of the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva and most recently David Beckham, offering them eye-watering salaries to entice them to Paris. Although money seems no object for PSG a 75 percent tax rate could however affect France’s ability to hold on to the most talented players.Fréderic Thiriez, president of France’s Football League said the proposal represented a ‘lose-lose’ situation for the clubs.“France would lose its best players and the ability of the clubs to compete in Europe would decrease. The state would also lose some of its biggest contributors in terms of tax,” said. “This will strangle the clubs.”last_img read more

Concorde’s 10-year anniversary

first_imgIt was a masterpiece of engineering, a technological marvel – and the greatest financial disaster in aviation history.But the Concorde, which was withdrawn from servive 10 years ago is sadly missed by all those who love to look skywards and dream.See tribute video below.The carriage of choice for the rich and famous, the Concorde was part of a world beyond the reach of most people and it was in the top five for most people’s bucket list according to a BBC poll.Celebrities regularly forked out $20,000 for the return trip from London to New York and they included Elton John, Sting, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Joan Collins, Luciano Pavarotti, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Collins, Mike Tyson, Annie Lennox and Rod Stewart.The Concorde died because its was costing too much to maintain and the number of high flyers with deep pockets was dwindling.The British Airways chief executive Perth-born Rod Eddington told The West Australian at the time that “the number of corporate clients is 80 per cent fewer than a few years ago.”“Corporate organisations have had to tighten their belts and thus their travel budgets,” Mr Eddington said at the time.In the final analysis, behind the glitz and glamour, the Concorde was one project that should never have got off the ground.It was a product of the age of “speed and sputnik“, when it seemed there were no limits to what could be achieved in the skies.The Concorde had its commercial genesis at the Paris Air Show in 1961, when French aircraft manufacturer Sud Dassault proudly displayed a model of the Super Caravelle, which could carry 70 passengers at supersonic speed.It sped up British efforts to produce a supersonic jet, which had started in 1956.By March 1962, the French and British governments intervened to merge the efforts in a joint Super Sonic Transport project.But the agreement reached in November 1962 contained no provision for a ceiling on the costs, estimated to be $414 million, nor was any review or cancellation process agreed on.There were already serious voices of caution.Pan American World Airways long-time adviser, Charles Lindbergh, warned of the environmental and economic problems the plane would face – well before they became major industry concerns.Britain saw the Super Sonic Transport as its entry ticket to the Common Market.As bait to the British, French Prime Minister Charles de Gaulle said that Britain’s commitment to Europe would be judged by its progress on the Concorde.At different times, both France and Britain wanted to abandon the project but because of the wording of the agreement, the other would seize the opportunity to recoup its own expenditure and, of course, maintain that it wanted the Concorde to carry on.In its original form was designed to carry up to 150 passengers 7696km at Mach 2.2 – just over twice the speed of sound.But it was discovered that the plane would fall short of New York by almost 700km, so the plane was redesigned to carry 100.The first Concorde to fly took off in March 1969 when options had been received for 80 Concordes from 18 airlines, including Qantas, according to a Flight International airline survey.In the same year, British Aircraft Corporation was predicting, on the most pessimistic assumptions, sales of 225 Concordes by 1975, though this was well down on the original estimate of 500.However, industry expert and historian the late Reg Davies claimed very little research was ever done into the market for SSTs.According to Mr Davies, British Aircraft Corporation produced a brochure in 1970 claiming that more than 30 per cent of the market would pay first-class fares to travel on Concorde.He notes the reality at the time was that only 7 per cent of the market was first class and it was declining.Today, it’s less than 2 per cent, with many airlines dropping first class.And development costs soared higher than the aircraft.According to one estimate from the London-based Independent newspaper, the total write-off for the British and French governments was $34 billion, which works out to a taxpayer subsidy of a staggering $8000 for every passenger who ever flew on the Concorde.By early 1973, most of the airlines had cancelled their options as fuel prices took off and noise problems became a major issue.Only government-owned Air France and BOAC put Concorde into service at no capital cost, after complex write-off and profit-share/loss underwriting arrangements were struck.The first commercial flight was not until January 21, 1976, when a British Airways jet flew from Heathrow to Bahrain, at the same time as an Air France jet flew to Rio de Janeiro.Concorde was involved in one fatal crash on July 27, 2000 which claimed 113 lives.The loss of the Air France Concorde was caused when a small piece of metal on the runway, shed by a jet that had just touched down, punctured one of the Concorde’s tyres.The subsequent tyre burst showered debris into the fuel tanks, which sparked a fire.The fire and debris caused the No. 2 and then No. 1 engines to fail, dooming the plane.Concorde was grounded for more than a year and needed $41 million in modifications before it returned to service on November 7, 2001last_img read more

Women in the struggle remembered

first_imgTwo men holding a banner reflecting the four leaders of the women who marched in 1956. Women dance at the Union Buildings, after the march. Men on bikes accompanied the march through town, showing their solidarity with women.(Images: Rudo Mungoshi)MEDIA CONTACTS • Nomazwe NtlokwanaDirector: Stakeholder Management, Media Liaisons and Strategy, Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation+27 83 507 8068.RELATED ARTICLES• Businesswomen leaving a legacy• Commemorating 1913 heroines• Women taking SA forward• Educated children help nation to growRudo MungoshiThe courageous women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against pass laws were honoured for their contribution in a colourful ceremony on the same day 57 years later, in Tshwane.These days, 9 August is National Women’s Day, and although its aim is to contribute to the empowerment of women in today’s society, its roots lie back in 1956 when 20 000 women sought to deliver petitions to then prime minister JG Strydom, and express their outrage at the demeaning legislation that forced black people to carry permits, or passbooks, when travelling outside their townships or designated areas.Even earlier, women a century ago protested in the Free State against the imposition of pass laws – those 1913 protests were led by Charlotte Maxeke.In 1956, the Union Buildings march was co-ordinated by the Federation of South African Women and led by Lillian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams-De Bruyn – the only one of the four leaders who is still living.Women throughout the country had put their names to these petitions indicating their anger and frustration at having their freedom of movement restricted by the hated official passes.Reliving the women’s marchGauteng MEC for agriculture and social development, Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, led hundreds of women, young people and community members on a 3.5-kilometre walk to the Union Buildings, the seat of the South African government.They relived the day by walking the same route as the women of 57 years ago.Mayathula-Khoza was joined by MEC for community safety, Faith Mazibuko and the MEC for sports, arts, culture and recreation, Lebogang Maile.The theme for this year’s celebration was Unity in Action for Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment.At the Union Buildings, Mayathula-Khoza, on behalf of Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane, addressed the crowd who had already gathered to celebrate Women’s Day.Mayathula-Khoza said gender based violence, poverty and joblessness remained the three biggest challenges facing women today.“Sexual violence against women and rape remains a huge challenge in our society. Poverty and poor living conditions have added to women’s vulnerability to violence and increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection,” she said.Mayathula-Khoza said the government had strengthened victim support through the existing 200 victim empowerment centres, which offer psycho-social and medico-legal support services, among others.“We have continued placing focus on the Ikaya Lethemba Centre, as we appreciate the positive role the centre has played in helping abused women and children recover and get back on their feet again,” she said.Fighting against patriarchyTshwane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa said the fight against patriarchy was not yet over and was manifesting itself differently.“We must restore the dignity of our people and that’s why the struggle of women still remains important,” he said.Ramakgopa also implored young women to stay away from so-called sugar daddies, citing that they destroyed lives.Maile said the sacrifices made by the courageous women in 1956 had made it possible for the nation to make pilgrimages to the Union Buildings to honour their efforts.“Through their commitment, these women are role models for all women and have been a voice for some of our most at risk and marginalised people,” said Maile.The march was followed by performances from leading South African female singers, including Nadine, Mafikizolo, Rebecca and Zahara.last_img read more

Deadline approaching for statewide essay contest to win free field trip

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Third-grade students across Ohio can now enter the Ohio Livestock Coalition’s (OLC) For Your InFARMation essay contest by answering the question, “How do Ohio farmers make sure we have good, safe food to eat?” The winning student’s essay will earn an all-expenses-paid field trip for his/her entire class to an Ohio livestock farm — but all essays must be submitted by March 9, 2018.The essay contest is the capstone to the For Your InFARMation program, which offers Ohio teachers free educational materials designed to teach third-graders about the origins of the food they eat every day and about the state’s largest industry — agriculture.To participate, Ohio third-grade teachers and students are encouraged to visit to obtain the essay guidelines and form. All essays are due March 9 and winners will be notified by April 6. The teacher of the winning essay also will receive a $250 gift card for classroom supplies.“It’s important for young students to learn about agriculture in a fun, interactive way, so they develop a solid understanding of where their food comes from and the significance of safe, healthy and locally-grown food,” said Jenny Hubble, OLC representative. “Even though one in three jobs in Ohio relate to farming and agriculture, many students are unaware of the role Ohio farmers have in feeding our communities. The For Your InFARMation program helps to fill that gap.”The For Your InFARMation materials were developed and are updated regularly by OLC with an education consultant and practicing third-grade teacher. The materials support Ohio learning standards for reading, writing, math, geography and more, making the For Your InFARMation program fit seamlessly into home school and e-school settings, as well as the traditional classroom.Instructional resources include:Student Guide with a variety of nonfiction reading passagesTeacher’s Guide with complete lesson plans and links to additional resourcesReady-to-use lapbooks, worksheets and smart board lessons to reinforce key content and skillsInformational videos that help students visualize the contentExtended learning recommendations and cross-curricular suggestions.Materials can be downloaded, for free, at Students will learn about farmers and the Ohio economy, livestock farming, keys to safe and healthy food, energy and renewable resources, as well as careers in agriculture.OLC is a not-for-profit organization representing collective interests of Ohio’s livestock sector and affiliated stakeholders.last_img read more

a month agoMan Utd captain Ashley Young: A deserved win

first_imgMan Utd captain Ashley Young: A deserved winby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United captain Ashley Young was pleased with victory over Leicester City.United earned a 1-0 win at Old Trafford yesterday.”When you play as a defender, you want to keep a clean sheet and hope the boys up the top can go and get the goals,” said Young.”On days you’re not going to play well and you’re going to win games. On days you’re going to play well and not win games.”There’s going to be a balance and we just want to do the right things and keep applying ourselves the way we have this season.”I think we have been unfortunate, especially at Southampton the other week. I think it was unfortunate against Crystal Palace as well.”I think we’re very close [to getting it right]. It wasn’t a bad performance. I didn’t think it was a bad performance.”If we had gone on and got a second goal after we got the first then it would have been totally different.”But, like I say, we had to show that resilience and that grit and that determination not to concede a goal and we done that today.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Womens basketball coach Patrick Kleins career continuing to soar since unconventional beginning

Patrick Klein calls out a play from the sideline during an OSU basketball game. Credit: Courtesy of OSU AthleticsPatrick Klein didn’t quite get the introduction to basketball that he expected. He wished to become a walk-on player as an Ohio State student, but things changed quickly.“I left my dorm and my friends were wishing me luck,” Klein said. “I came back and said ‘Hey, I made it, but the women’s practice team.’”Even though the position was not what he had originally envisioned, Klein rolled with the punches and quickly began working his way up the ranks of women’s college basketball, recently leading to a promotion to associate head coach of the OSU women’s basketball team.By the time he graduated from OSU in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in business management, Klein — a native of Belpre, Ohio — served as a student manager for the women’s basketball team from 2004-2005.Upon earning his undergraduate degree, Klein stayed at OSU as a graduate assistant under former head coach Jim Foster from 2005-2007.Klein then moved on to the University of Illinois, where he was an assistant coach from 2008 to 2010. For the 2011-2012 season, he returned to OSU, where he spent the next five seasons as an assistant coach.“For them to make that job title for me, it was an honor,” Klein said.Although he is appreciative of the promotion, Klein has never been caught up with labels.“When you work with great people, it’s not about the titles,” Klein said. “It’s just about every day working together for that common goal.”Despite the new title, Klein’s duties for the team remain the same. He will continue to be a key contributor in the recruiting process, provide detailed analysis on OSU and its opponents and will continue to push his agenda of proving OSU has a top women’s college basketball program“One of the big things for us here is being the best, the absolute best at developing young people,” Klein said. “In order to be the best, you have to really have the opportunity to focus on the details every single day.”Coach Kevin McGuff has had Klein as an assistant coach in his first three years at OSU.“He’s done a great job since he’s been here,” McGuff said. “He’s really helped us develop the program.”Off the court, Klein has helped bring in several highly rated recruiting classes for the Buckeyes.“Really, he’s been impactful on all of the recruits that we have gotten here,” McGuff said. “He’s very much a people person and he’s got great organization skills.”Klein also helped aid the club’s scoring spike in the 2015-2016 season, when OSU scored 86 points per game to set a new school record.“I think it’s just trying to execute coach McGuff’s vision, it’s trying to play really fast and aggressive,” Klein said. “We have great players out there that play hard and create an environment where both defense and offense creates points.”Looking ahead to the upcoming campaign, Klein said he is excited to see this year’s group take the floor.“Not only from a talent standpoint, but just the chemistry and how our team has grown together. I think that makes us really special,” Klein said. “When we’re playing the schedule that we’re playing — South Carolina, Miami, UConn — these are teams that you have to be totally focused and you have to continue to be prepared. Everybody’s role is going to be important this year.”As for his coaching future, Klein isn’t in any rush to move on from his current role with the Buckeyes.“Any time that you can coach at your alma mater, it’s a really special thing.” Klein said. “I have one of the best jobs in women’s college basketball.” read more

Christian Pulisic likely out for Dortmund

first_imgBorussia Dortmund boss Lucien Favre expects Christian Pulisic to be unavailable ahead of today’s Bundesliga match against Eintracht Frankfurt due to a muscular injuryThe 19-year-old winger was a no-show for the USA during the international break and didn’t feature in Dortmund’s goalless draw with against Hannover 96 a fortnight ago either.“Christian Pulisic is making improvements in his recovery, but Friday will probably come too soon for him,” admitted Favre in a press conference.The American youngster is widely regarded as one of the biggest young prospects in European football and caught the eye of Real Madrid over the summer.Also out are Omer Toprak and Raphael Guerreiro.Although goalkeeper Roman Burki has been declared fit to play after recovering from a thigh injury.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.But Favre refused to confirm whether Barcelona loan signing Paco Alcacer will make his Dortmund debut.“Paco likes to combine with his colleagues. He has a scoring threat and the intuition to position himself in dangerous areas. However, we have to integrate him step by step,” he said.“We still have to find our best system and we have to learn which players work in which systems. That will be relevant when we begin to rotate.”Dortmund are looking for their second victory of the 2018/19 Bundesliga campaign against Frankfurt following an opening day 4-1 win against RB Leipzig before the draw with Hannover.“In the last season, Frankfurt played 5-3-2 and 3-4-3. Now they play 4-3-3, 4-4-2 under their new coach [Adi Hutter]. They are very dangerous. They play with one, two touches on the counter and use pressing,” Favre said.The match between Dortmund and Frankfurt will take place at the Signal Iduna Park at 20:30 (GMT +2).last_img read more

Pellegrini is disappointed

first_imgThe West Ham United boss is not happy that his team couldn’t score more goals against Liverpool in order to secure a win.Sadio Mane scored for Liverpool at the 22nd minute to lift the Reds into the lead tonight against West Ham United.Then the Hammers saw how Michail Antonio scored the tying goal at the 28th-minute mark.But then both teams lacked what it needs to score more goals, and the game ended up in a 1-1 draw.And for coach Manuel Pellegrini, the result is very disappointing.“Disappointed not to get three points. If you create four clear chances then you must score,” he told Football London during the post-match press conference.“They scored when he was one meter offside, Origi was one meter offside too, you have to be disappointed.”“He cannot complain about anything. We deserved to win,” he spoke about Jurgen Klopp’s constant complaining.“I said during the week that we need to win this game for our fans.”“Man City was my club also so maybe the manager of Liverpool didn’t like it,” he added.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“We need to repeat the way we play against the big teams against Palace.”“We have 8 or 9 players injured, we have no playmakers right now, problems with all the strikers during the transfer window,” he spoke about the team’s next match.“We need to do as best as we can for the remaining 13 games.”West Ham United is currently in the 12th position of the English Premier League table with 32 points.The team is just two points away from eight-place Watford.They will now visit Crystal Palace, before resting for two weeks to play against Fulham and Manchester City at the end of February.We gave that everything 👏— West Ham United (@WestHamUtd) February 4, 2019last_img read more