Jouse 2

first_imgImage Source: EnableMart.comThe Jouse 2 is an advanced joystick-operated USB mouse that is controlled with your mouth. This assistive technology device is useful for people who have limited movement or their arms or legs. It has accurate tracking combined with extremely smooth operation and dwell cursor capability, providing an ideal mouse replacement for drawing or any application requiring fine cursor control.Just move the precision joystick with your mouth, cheek, chin or tongue to shift the mouse cursor wherever you want. The further you move the joystick, the faster the cursor travels. You can perform right-click, left-click and double-click actions with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2. Mouse button activations can be made with the sip and puff switches built into the Jouse2. Typing and other keyboard functions can be achieved through an on-screen keyboard.Features include:the device requires minimal actionSupports four user-selectable versions of Morse Code text input with Dual-tone audio via the sip-and-puff controller.Includes mounting options for ancillary equipment such as microphones, switches and Web-cams.Comes with two types of mouth pieces; a disposable type for multiple users and a rigid, more comfortable type in two different lengths for full-time users.comes with 20 disposable mouthpiecesComes with built-in support for two external switches.The USB interface makes it truly plug and play; no additional software is required.Includes an advanced, infinitely adjustable, articulated 3-joint arm with a single dial lock that mounts easily to almost any desktop.Operates independently of any other USB, PS/2, or serial mice.No external power supply required, eliminating tangled wires and making it more portable.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedControl your computer with the Jouse3!November 25, 2014In “Computers”BIGtrack 2.0 TrackballOctober 17, 2017In “Computers”BJOY Ring Joystick MouseAugust 17, 2017In “Mobility”last_img

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