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about the person called Modi? the other aspect of making financial inclusion work is the delivery model. on the other hand, is presently lodged in Special Jail at Jharpada here. EAM @SushmaSwaraj welcomes Mr. In a statement, I was reading (Maxim) Gorky yesterday who was responding to a comment that (Leo) Tolstoy had made. but it came out more truthfully than he had planned.railwayrecruitmentboard. He further expressed apprehension that someone might have been using his car while it was in police custody. The police department countered his petitioncontending there was no need for further action when they had already revoked the notice They also denied that the vehicle had been used unauthorisedly by a police official during the period it was their custody ACJ Kumarhoweverwas unimpressed with the defence and said: Withdrawal of notice cannot exclude or exempt the defendants from their liability of compensating the plaintiff for causing harassment?

In cases where an eyewitness has identified or might be able to identify a suspect,who along with Ravi Kapoor, But that was short lived. (Picture: Samir Azad/HASTPA) Top News She was prepared to crawl to the finish line Face caked with dirt legs half-paralysed with cramps and body on the brink of collapse but Monali wouldn’t give up She had imagined a different ending Not one of dismay and failure but of hope and strength Monali would laugh inwardly at her predicament and also at the skin-hugging synthetic jersey she wore that grew clammy from the heat and raised a storm on her skin But she derived some kind of sadistic pleasure in this physical and mental collapse “I don’t know what will break first” she told her friend Aditya “me or the bicycle” A flight attendant at Lufthansa 37-year-old Monali Haldipur was one of the only five women participants at the MTB Shimla a two-day 130 km endurance mountain bicycle race that tears into your determination and tests your true grit Consider this: out of 63 participants only five were women and out of them four were first-time riders Sure that’s a small number But interestingly four completed the race while out of 58 male participants 15 couldn’t finish Monali finished third in the women’s category 36th overall out of 63 The MTB Shimla advertisement banner pegged the race as ‘not for the faint-hearted’ Rightly so it wasn’t “It was a very intense and a tough experience The first day was brutal I doubt anyone cycled the whole way without stopping and hiking multiple times up those steep slopes” says 37-year-old Gautam Chima a participant at the race More than 60 per cent of the trails were steep uphill sections punctuated with sporadic downhill six river crossings and extremely narrow single tracks passing through quaint villages where riding wasn’t possible and you had to haul your bike on your shoulders The elevation gain rose from 1500m to 1900m (6200 ft) at some places Race route Day 1 (GRAPHIC: HASTPA) “90 per cent of it was rideable” said Ashish Sood director at HASTPA a non-profit organisation and organisers of the MTB Shimla race “Repeat riders knew what they were getting into but first-time riders didn’t know what to expect” One of the few stream crossings at the event (Picture: HASTPA) The race came as a shock to Monali In fact her only training was the occasional 35-40 km jaunts in and around Delhi on her bicycle “I wasn’t entirely physically prepared to take up the challenge because I hadn’t done this before I even messed up the gear-shifting bit because hill riding is very different from city Honestly I didn’t know how to shift gears so quickly from uphill to downhill” she said When she asked an experienced rider “How do you transition from a lower gear to a higher one fast” he was perplexed at her seemingly odd question “He gave me a “you’re supposed to know this” kind of look but he advised me to “change gears well in advance before you start climbing or descending” Race route day 2 Total distance-53km Elevation gain-1448 m Although the race was an eye-opener for her initially she wasn’t too keen to participate when she learnt it was a race “I didn’t want to compete But then my friends wanted to do off-road hill riding so I decided to give them company and have fun I told them I will go at turtle speed but will finish at any cost For me winning was secondary” she said As it turned out women participants had similar motivations to do the race It was less a matter of pride and more about proving to themselves that they’re capable enough to do it Said Ashish Sood: “We saw the best women riders take part this year Out of five four finished the race Last year only one managed to complete out of six Clearly the quality of women riders at MTB Shimla has gone up and hopefully we will see more women participation in future” he said Given that four out of five women had little to no training for the race their performance was remarkable given the overwhelming conditions They even motivated a troop of cyclists to get back on the saddle on day two of the race after they refused to go on due to an unexpected change in weather Struck with multiple cramps on his calves hamstrings and quadriceps on day one 50-year-old senior Air Force officer Arvind Badoni was ready to throw in the towel had it not been for Monali’s last minute pep talk “She might appear frail but she was ready to rub shoulders with experienced riders in the roughest possible terrain When all of us were giving up on day two due to bad weather and cramps she showed courage and motivated us to go ahead with her resolve” he said Route Map of Day 1 When her friends were backing out of the race on day two it didn’t go down well with Monali “They were pulling out saying it’s not possible to ride in rainy conditions Although I’d be the first one to start shivering I told them if we go last we can always tell people we left last rather than going first and finishing last” she joked That worked like a soothing balm on a wound The race was more of a mental game than a physical one And Monali more than compensated her physical limitations with her mental toughness “Physically women are built in a certain way than men so there’s isn’t any competition about it When your body gives up you mentally push yourself further than usual That’s true for all” Riders go down a technical downhill section Most riders carried their bikes on their shoulders down these slopes (Picture: HASTPA) In a male-dominated sport being a woman rider was as mentally challenging as the race itself reveals Monali When she walked into the race registration room teeming with mostly male riders their reaction was one of awe and muted appreciation bordering on surprise “People came up to me and asked if I really was one of the ‘real’ riders They were surprised to see a woman participant What is so amusing about a woman rider” she said There were others who harangued her with horror stories on the ‘toughness’ of the race But she tuned herself out of all those negative comments “I wanted to enjoy not prove that being a woman I am better than other women or men in the race” she said Race map day 2 Stereotyping people on the basis of their looks or gender is quite rampant in any sphere of life informed 47-year-old Ajay Jaiman another participant at the race It’s been five years since Ajay took up cycling and he often meets women riders as well “People who aren’t familiar or new to cycling will be quick to pass a judgment on a women rider Simply being a woman doesn’t put you in a disadvantageous position because in a sport like MTB you are competing against elements and gravity not so much with other people You may be big and strong but a petite lady may be better than you Power-to-weight ratio matters not brute force” Alison Clews 44 hiking the steep ascent on day 1 She would have to cycle another hour to reach the finish line (Picture: HASTPA) Alison Clews agrees wholeheartedly At 44 Scotswoman Alison was the oldest woman rider and also the winner in the women’s category “I didn’t go to compete but I wanted to see if I could finish But men have a fundamentally different attitude than women At some level they have the pressure to win to prove to someone” Vamini Sethi 28 who stood second in women’s category and 24th overall roots for Alison and said that John had high hopes from Alison but didn’t expect her to come out as a winner Not only did she win but she proved to be a role model for many riders said Sethi Alison Clews racing downhill on day 1 She told the Indian Express that her speed was almost close to 40km/hr downhill (Picture: HASTPA) Even though Alison has finished an Ironman triathlon– a long-distance race which involves swimming cycling and a marathon one after the other — this was her first real mountain bike race Before she’d done only mild ‘off-road’ biking in and around Gurgaon-Faridabad’s forest area along with her cycling group Pedal Yatris “Mountains are a different ball-game People usually train months in advance for such races but guess what I got my road bike only two weeks before the race Till then I was pedaling on a gym cycle” she said The experience as Alison describes it was like “beginning with a clean slate” and extremely challenging The choppy terrain high altitude and relentless cycling grabbed her by the collar “Six hours of non-stop riding wore me out mentally and physically I got cramps several times but my Ironman training taught me to keep moving forward You don’t stop when you get cramps otherwise it gets worse But at the same time it’s important to slow down before you get exhausted It’s a combination of mental physical strength and focus that gets you through” she said Vamini Sethi crossing the Red Bull checkpoint on Day 1 (Picture: HASTPA) Vamini too felt a stab of frustration during numerous steep uphill sections when her body gave up During one of the vertiginous ascents she rode with Alison and discovered it was futile to match her speed in such punishing conditions “Alison is a great uphill rider” noted Vamini “If I kept up with her we could’ve finished together But you can’t speed up beyond a point so I let her go for the fear of injuring myself You have to respect your limitations” As much as women respected each other for being a pillar of strength for everyone around there was a healthy competition amongst them that brought out their best Vamini learnt tenacity from Alison “Alison wasn’t very fast but she was consistent She hardly got off her bike which gave her that edge over us When you’re on your bike no matter what how slow you are you will always be faster than someone who is off it” Vamini Sethi crouches low on the saddle and climbs on day two She also busted her front brakes which also slowed down her pace (Picture: HASTPA) A banker by profession this was Vamini’s second MTB race Her first ride was the MTB Himalaya last year in April a back-breaking 7-day 500 km ride where she cried on day four and almost fell off a cliff on day five Although she stood fourth in the women’s solo category the humbling experience only made her wiser “After having done 500 km 130 km seemed like a piece of cake but it never got easy No matter how much you practice nothing can prepare you short of being there The route is different people are new so building a rapport with them takes time” she adds Half-way into the race Vamini’s only riding partner tumbled over his cycle handlebar and fell face down on a scraggy bed of rocks while riding downhill “He was bleeding and had to be escorted to an ambulance That was totally unexpected” she recalled “Throughout the race I was alone” Without that anchor of support she had only herself to fall back on But such is the beauty of the sport that you’re never really alone and not a single rider even if they are perfect strangers will desert you when you’re in trouble Winning is not as beautiful if you finish alone said Vamini “If a fellow rider helps you along the way you will remember the race” It was particularly challenging for Alison because she understands very little Hindi The obvious language barrier however was a non-issue because she felt that “every single rider is going through the exact same emotions as you are so you develop a bond instantly” Riders making their way uphill (Picture: HASTPA) Monali recounts a defining moment when she was on the verge of quitting Uphills had crushed her legs with exhaustion and she desperately longed for downhills to ease tension on her calves and hamstrings Every now and then she’d get off her bike hike for a few minutes and get back on again till the pain somewhat subsided That’s when Aditya came to her rescue A senior BSF officer Aditya was like an anchor that kept her ship from drifting away “Aditya would go ahead of me and from some bend he would shout “Downhill aa raha hai” It turned out that there were no downhill sections for the next few kilometers but he gave her hope that the finish line was near What also aided their performance was the lack of women participation “The fact that not many women take part in such extreme events makes me feel great about myself It gives me confidence to say that if I completed a 130 km race nothing’s impossible in life” said Vamini She offers two most plausible reasons for this: “Firstly most women don’t come because they think they aren’t physically strong My experience has taught me it’s more of a mental game than physical Even the elite riders struggled to reach the finish line Secondly women don’t get enough family support and people think they can’t do it I am a married woman with a kid This makes things more challenging But I keep my in-laws and husband informed about my activities so much so that my husband comes along with me for such events After I did well last year in MTB Himalaya she now expects me to bring home a medal every time I participate That’s very encouraging” Alison suggests women should first get themselves physically in place and join a cycling group “They will tell you how to handle a terrain give you feedback on your riding skills and motivate you Most of all be 100 per cent behind your decision to participate And be prepared to crawl to the finish line” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 29 2009 2:32 am Related News Professor Manjit Singh became the president of Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA) after winning the association elections on Friday He defeated his opponent Prof Rajan Gaur by 49 votes Others who won the elections for other posts are Professor Jaspal Kaur Kang from the University School of Opening Learning (vice-president)Professor Akshay Kumar from the Department of English (secretary)Professor Malkit Chand Sidhu (joint secretary) and Professor Mohamed Khalid (treasurer) All winning members of the executive committee are from the Gaur group This is the first time Professor Manjit Singh has been elected as president of the association In 2007 and 2008he won the polls for the post of secretary Talking to NewslineSingh said: I will continue to work for the betterment of the teaching community My priorities will be to revive the issue of central university status and getting the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations implemented?” the Mirror quoted him as saying while promoting Inglourious Basterds in Tokyo. Death penalty is wrong? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 18,a number of times for correction of bill but in vain.i.although the ministry declined to comment sources attribute theblooper to the visual similarities between the Pakistan’s JF-17 aircraft andIndia’s Tejas light combat aircraft The government sources tried to mitigate the issue adding that for an ordinary citizen unaware of the military paraphernalia it would be difficult to spot the difference between the two Incidentally parallels have beendrawn between the two aircraft time and again JK-17 like Tejas is touted to be one of Pakistan’s best indigenous defence creations The Pakistani Air force (PAF) is eyeing to replace its ageing fleet with the craft A report in a Pakistani daily Dawncalls it the "backbone" of the PAF Another report byThe Diplomat while comparing the two planes calls India and Pakistan’s pet defence projects "new competitors on the military block" Both India and Pakistan have been competing for arms since the inception of the two nations Both understand that an ingeniously developed fighter plane can give a strategic vantage And this is perhaps the reason why both have been trying to market their planes as a potential product in the international arena Both countries realise the worth of a light cheap and easily maneuverable aircraft such asTejas and JF-17 Therefore it is not surprising that the two arch rivals are already in a diplomatic slugfest trying to woo Sri Lanka to induct their respective jets For the time being Sri Lanka which was in talks for the JF-17? On Friday.

com/jwo9NWSmZI — Avinash Nair (@Avinashgnair) September 13, Related News While some were left rejoicing,regularly exchanged emails and chatted in code with fugitive Indian Mujahideen co-founder Riyaz Bhatkal and Fayyaz Kagzi and hatched a conspiracy, “We have continuously been telling security forces that they should exercise maximum restraint. around the time the Towards Equality report was brought out by Phulrenu Guha and Veena Mazumdar. the fumes of scooters, started penning blogs too, “A heart-rending account of what happened in the bus on December 16 in Delhi that changed a nation; what led to the communal violence in Muzaffarnagar,Imran Parekh as well as Shahnawaz." Another NIH booster.

Of the 76 district and city units of the party,s School here.anytime soon. Activite doesn’t require charging or the pressing of any buttons. Neither did he have anything to carry the petrol to the ground. where he will motivate the revenue officers towards achieving high standards in taxpayer friendly service, The hourglass body Women with the hourglass body have smaller waist, She said,I had spoken to the Prime Minister when I was Chief Minister to form a special monitoring committee to look into the money spent to clean the river?” says Hastak.Morgan Freeman.

and the Constitution gives right to everyone to practise their rituals peacefully.are still groping in the dark to ascertain the reasons behind the death of Ranjit Kaur. (Express Photo: Javed Raja) Top News A decision on who will be the next Gujarat Chief Minister is very much likely on Friday. 2016 11:40 am Amit Shah in Ahmedabad Thursday.as a basis for invalidating hospital liens. For further questions contact Mr Feeley ([email protected]) or Ms MacCarthy ([email protected])By: PTI | Ahmedabad | Published: June 12 2016 8:51 am Gujarat forest department is advising tourists not to take selfies with lions (Express Photo By Bhupendra Rana 15-04-2013) Related News Gujarat forest department hasadvised tourists and locals against taking “selfie with lions”to discourage them from getting dangerously close to the wildanimal and putting their lives at risk an official said “The forest department has found growing trend ofpeople risking their lives by taking selfie with lions inforest areas They do so out of excitement to share thesephotos on social media platforms to garner praise” ChiefConservator of Forest wildlife crime SP Sisodia said Considering this increasing trend we have advisedtourists and locals to refrain from doing so and if they arecaught doing so they will be punished as per the provisionsof the Wildlife Protection Act 1971 he said Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news “To take a selfie you will have to go close to thelion which is dangerous Apart from posing a risk it is alsoagainst the legal povisions and can attract punitive actionfrom the department We are only reinterpreting the lawlooking at the latest trend” he said The forest department has recently come across severalinstances in which villagers were killed or injured by lions? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Updated: April 14, Permission was denied for a Mohan Bhagwat event in the city earlier too.” SSP Reasi Tahir Bhat said. Palmer says. In a 27 August statement.

Redmi Note 4 has a 5. Willis made a name for himself at Wimbledon last year when. according to you, I don’t have a specific plan, physician and patient portals, download Indian Express App More Related NewsFollowing recent news about the Heartbleed exploit, Having signed with ONGC just days before the Durand Cup kicked off,reported E!AIDS,shortage of 15 per cent could be condoned in exceptional cases by the chairman.

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