Unity and Palantir stock jump after debut earnings reports

first_img– Advertisement – The New York Stock Exchange welcomes Unity Software Inc. (NYSE: U) Friday, September 18, 2020, as they officially begin trading today.NYSE Unity and Palantir sharesCNBC – Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img Unity and Palantir both reported revenue growth above 50% on Thursday in their first earnings announcements since going public in September. Investors rewarded them, sending their stocks up on Friday.Unity, whose software is used by video game developers, surged 12% to $114.31 following its third-quarter earnings report. The stock has more than doubled from its IPO price. Palantir, a developer of software and analytics tools for government agencies and large corporations, climbed 7% to $15.61. The shares are up almost 60% since the company’s direct listing.- Advertisement – Unity reported revenue growth for the third quarter of 53% to $200.8 million, topping the $186.9 million average analyst estimate, according to Refinitiv. Palantir’s revenue for the quarter jumped 52% to $289.4 million, beating the $279.4 million average estimate.The companies are also saving money from a steep drop in travel and by eliminating live events. Unity’s operating loss shrank in the period, reducing its negative margin to 4% from 21% a year earlier.“We’re experiencing a very material savings in travel, marketing and events,” Unity CFO Kim Jabal told CNBC in an interview. “That’s helping our operating margins.”However, Jabal said that from a revenue perspective, some of the growth the company often gets in the fourth quarter may have come in the latest period because people who would normally be heading home for the holidays are already there. Unity forecast sales for the fourth quarter of 27% to 29%, a significant slowdown from the third period. “That seasonal engagement uptick has already happened,” Jabal said. “They’re already engaged at a level that’s pretty high.”Palantir raised its full-year revenue guidance from about $1.06 billion to between $1.07 billion and $1.072 billion, which would represent 44% growth from a year earlier. Palantir’s sales continues to come from a small set of customers, who spend on average millions of dollars a year for the technology.The company noted that its “customer concentration is decreasing.” Palantir said that 61% of its revenue for the first nine months of the year came from its top 20 customers, down from 68% over the same stretch in 2019. WATCH: Palantir reports Q3 results with revenue of $289.37 million Both companies topped analysts’ estimates, aided by increased usage tied to the coronavirus. Hardcore gamers have been stuck at home during the pandemic, leading to higher engagement for Unity’s customers and demand for new titles. Palantir has won business from companies that need its software to monitor employee health, manage supply chains and track clinical work.last_img read more

Prof. Dr. Velimir Srića: Better Croatia – a country of bioinformatics tourism

first_imgMost small nations have a problem with a collective sense of inferiority.That is why, after almost three decades of independence, we see ourselves as a country without reforms, a victim of bad politics and tycoonization, a Balkan tavern, corruption mud and a hopeless space from which to flee to Ireland and Germany. Or we consider ourselves victims of world and European conspiracies, Masonic and Jewish intrigues, and the combinatorics of superpowers that have conspired to subjugate and destroy us. Such negative thoughts are a huge weight around the necks of both individuals and businesses.Every nation is what it thinks of itself, but it can become what it wants to be! That is why the first step towards a “better Croatia” is to replace destructive and negative thoughts with positive ones. There are countless examples that “everything is possible when you want it”. The experience of many countries shows that nothing is impossible if we believe and invest time, knowledge, energy and willingness to sacrifice in a vision. And our people can, from computer scientists to scientists, from doctors to athletes. of our footballers in France, won the Davis Cup, not to mention the Kostelićs. If we are able to be at the top of the world in almost every sport, we can achieve the same in economics, education, health, science or tourism.The most important resources of Croatia are its people, natural beauty and geopolitical position. Our basic development force should be knowledge, and our goal should be a democratic, rich, internationally affirmed Croatia, a regional leader, a country that is vividly described by the slogan “Croatia as the California of Europe”. And more than that because Croatia is a safe and pleasant country with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Croatia is a green and ecological country, desirable for living and housing. It can quickly become a country of prosperity and innovation, with responsible and prudent management, a healthy and active homeland of bioinformatics tourism. I first spoke and wrote about this last topic thirty years ago, as a “young minister” of science, technology and informatics in the Republic of Croatia.At last year’s meeting of international consultants in Dubrovnik, nine out of ten respondents answered that our main comparative advantage is tourism, one of the fastest growing global activities. According to the World Tourism Organization, the annual tourist traffic by the end of the decade will be 1,6 billion passengers, with a total consumption of 15 thousand billion US dollars. The dominant trend is sports tourism, health tourism, tourism of life comfort and harmony, adventure tourism of extreme experiences, love tourism, tourism of cultural experiences and creative tourism. Bioinformatics strategy requires a combination of a classic and original approach to entertainment.The ideal place for experimentation are the Croatian islands. Some of them should be branded for the young, some for the elderly, some for scientists, and some for artists, some for naturists, and some for parents with children. Bioinformatics tourism is not just coast and sea. First of all, there is Slavonia with its gentle landscapes, forests, swamps, hunting grounds, organic food and rivers created for ecological cruisers.Our economically devastated “belly” of Dalmatian Zagora, Lika, Gorski Kotar, Banija and Kordun is bursting with clean air, beautiful mountains, picturesque landscapes, clear rivers and national parks from Paklenica, Northern Velebit and Risnjak to Plitvice Lakes. They should be populated by the population, giving land in concession to anyone who is willing to start rural tourism or organic farming.We need to know that success happens to whoever struggles, who challenges it, who takes the risk and takes action. If we want to succeed, we need to start a campaign in which we will first convince ourselves that we are special and different, and then we need to start convincing others. And the money? There are European funds and world capital just waiting for smart projects. We already have the first steps. Dubrovnik became famous by filming Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Robin Hood. Zagreb has been the best Christmas destination in Europe for two years in a row. The Croat became the head of the best health institution in the world, and Infobip is one of the best IT companies in the world.A better bioinformatics Croatia from utopia can finally become a reality.Published by: prof. dr.Velimir Srića Bioinformatics tourism means the concept of “selling the Croatian lifestyle” which sees tourists as buyers of our wine, kulen, prosciutto, olive oil, tourist arrangements, but also as users of our IT services, patients of our clinics, fans of our culture, fans of our sports clubs or students of our universities.Croatia needs to create such an image of itself that people all over Europe and the world want to visit us, experience our lifestyle, buy and consume our products and services, continuously increasing the volume of cooperation.What is bioinformatics in this context?It is about focusing the tourism industry and its infrastructure on becoming a place of healthy living, intensive use of information technology and consumption of organic food. Our hotels and apartments are becoming a combination of computerized sanatorium, wellness, fitness and healthy eating restaurants. Our medicine supports this through the development of the science and practice of nutrition, top diagnostics and active life therapy. The main element of the offer becomes a healthy Mediterranean diet with organically grown food, olive oil, fish and whole grains. Such a philosophy of nutrition and life is supported and explained in schools and the media, building the image of Croatia as a country of health.We offer our guests authentic healthy specialties from grilled fish and Mediterranean vegetables under the baking lid to shrimp with organic rice and Zagorje štruklji from whole grains. Our agricultural production and processing industry develops foods without pesticides and herbicides, grown in a natural way. The IT industry is creating a technological infrastructure of modern diagnostic devices, telemedicine systems and health Internet services. The pharmaceutical industry is developing drugs, preparations and other healthy living infrastructure. Sports events, cultural events, housing, road construction, horticulture, construction and other activities serve bioinformatics tourism. Shipyards produce ships-parking lots that eliminate the problem of traffic jams in tourist centers in full season.By fitting in and creating world ecological trends, Croatia is becoming a leader in lifestyle tourism, a country that offers a different lifestyle, health supported by modern technology. Our natural resources enable us to connect concepts such as ecological state, ecological agriculture, eco-tourism, eco-hotels, eco products, eco-souvenirs, eco lifestyle into a harmonious whole.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Jan. 20

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionState should return park land to TrumpRecently, The Daily Gazette published an editorial entitled “Leave Trump’s Name on Park,“ urging members of the Legislature not to waste their time attempting to strip Donald Trump’s name from a downstate park. Trump donated the property to the state of New York in exchange for a $100 million tax write-off in 2006. Trump’s attorney stipulated in a letter to the Department of Parks that the park be named for Trump, and that his name be displayed at the park’s entrances.  People went to the polls in 2016 to elect a new president. The people appeared to choose Clinton. It was reported that she won the popular vote by approximately 3 million votes. Then came the Electoral College and the “districts” where a candidate can claim all the votes if their candidate only won by two. Therefore, depending on the population of the districts (determined by the party leading in any given state), a loser can become a winner.As a result, we have a president (dictator?) who lies, cheats, cares nothing about laws unless they benefit him, and who is willing to damage the lives of thousands of government employees by shutting down portions of the government to have his own way and to declare “he owns the shutdown.”All because he can’t have his beautiful wall.I’m reminded of a small child having a temper tantrum, throwing toys, stomping on them and crying because he can’t have his own way.In addition to the damage this president has caused our country already (I’m thinking of the environment) with his “my way or the highway” attitude, he’s managing to alienate many of our allies, while defending others who generally are considered the enemy. National emergency? I truly believe that Trump IS the national emergency.Pat BruschettiCanajoharie Toddler-like Trump is a national emergency  However, the actual deed conveying the land to the state did not include any such conditions.Trump’s response to the issue was, “If they want, they can give me the land back.”My suggestion is that the state should do that. Return the land. No more park. No more signs. Sadly, I believe that it may be too late for the state to require Trump to amend his income taxes for 2006. However, the property would be returned to the tax rolls and, since it’s in an affluent, high-tax area (it straddles Westchester and Putnam counties), even if the entire park were to remain undeveloped, the taxes on $100 million of real estate would substantially benefit the surrounding towns.The state loses the expense of maintaining the park. Trump gets his land back. And a large swath of currently unused property will generate a significant amount of local revenue. Everybody wins.How can the self-proclaimed greatest deal maker not love it?Paul DeierleinSchenectadycenter_img Democrats’ power play is just beginning The new House of Representatives has now been under the Democrat, liberal, progressive Pelosi regime for almost three weeks. They are giddy with power.Let’s see what has happened in just the first couple of days.Many Democrats, including Nadler (D-NY), Cummings (D-MD), Schiff (D-CA) and others, had previously signaled their intention to prioritize their new power to investigate Trump rather than legislate for their constituency and the country. Sherman (D-CA) and Green (D-TX) have already introduced articles of impeachment of Trump. Cohen (D-TN) has introduced legislation to eliminate the Electoral College.In legislation designed only for show, the Democrats voted to re-open the government. But, of course, with no funding for the border wall automatically sealing its fate. In a very short session, the House managed to carve out time to change various rules regarding religious headwear, sexual orientation and gender identity. Finally Pelosi (Speaker, D-CA) moved quickly to create special committees on climate change and Medicare-for-all, both of which have forever been on the liberal wish list.Newly elected representatives have also made their mark. The shiny new toy that is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has likened herself to Lincoln and FDR, yet she has proven to be both ideologically and economically illiterate. Representative Tlaib (D-MI), at an ultra-liberal MoveOn.org sponsored gathering proclaimed “ we’re going to impeach the m-f.”Prepare yourselves. This is only the beginning.John MyersRotterdam JunctionMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?last_img read more

SoftBank leads $265 million investments in two US-based start-ups

first_imgSoftBank on Monday led a new funding round of US$165 million in California-based Karius and invested $100 million in New York-headquartered AI company Behavox, as the technology giant builds a portfolio under its second Vision Fund.The two deals come at a time of intense investor scrutiny into SoftBank’s investments.The Japanese company earlier this month reported a second straight quarter of losses at its first Vision Fund, pushing Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son to scale back his second fund. Karius, which markets a test that can quickly detect hard-to-diagnose infections through a simple taking of blood, said the funding would expand its commercial outreach and clinical research.Although relatively small by the standards of Softbank, the funding marks the latest in a list of healthcare investments that include drugmaker Roivant Sciences and Vir Biotechnology Inc, an infectious-disease focused drug developer.Karius’ test, which is already being used in more than 100 US hospitals, turns liquid biopsy technology previously used chiefly to measure the progress of cancers to the detection of over 1,000 pathogens, including bacteria and fungi.The funding round values the company at over $700 million, according to a filing made by the company to the state of Delaware, a copy of which was seen by Reuters. Karius said it was not disclosing valuation details at this time. Dr. Bill Muller at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago said his hospital typically uses the test on patients who are at the most risk of infections that are difficult to diagnose using conventional methods. He estimates that his hospital typically averages five-10 orders of the test per month.The company said the list price for the test was $2,000 for hospitals.“Softbank’s healthcare team is very experienced and we actually learnt a lot through the diligence process through their questions,” Karius CEO Mickey Kertesz told Reuters.“I anticipate they (Softbank’s healthcare team) will add a lot of value beyond the financial resources we have secured.”Separately, Behavox said SoftBank first became a user of its platform before making the investment.Behavox’s platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) to analyze internal company data such as employee emails and behavior to flag compliance issues. Its clients include banks and private-equity firms.Behavox said CEO Erkin Adylov and other key employees would remain the biggest shareholders in the company.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Arsenal release brief statement confirming Laurent Koscielny departure

first_imgArsenal release brief statement confirming Laurent Koscielny departure Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 6 Aug 2019 2:59 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link391Shares Comment Laurent Koscielny went on strike to force through a move from Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Arsenal have released a brief statement confirming club captain Laurent Koscielny is set to join Bordeaux.‘The centre back has made 353 appearances for us since signing from Lorient in 2010. He was part of our Emirates FA Cup-winning squads in 2014, 2015 and 2017,’ the statement read.‘Laurent, who started his career in the French second division at Guingamp in 2004, has played 51 matches for France and was entering the final year of his current contract with us.‘We decided to sanction his move to Bordeaux once we agreed acceptable transfer terms.ADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Advertisement Laurent Koscielny refused to take part in Arsenal’s pre-seaosn tour of America (Picture: Getty)‘We thank Laurent for his contribution to the club and wish him all the best for the future. The transfer is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.’AdvertisementAdvertisementThe 33-year-old had been desperate to return to Fracne having reportedly been unhappy at how his workload had been handled following his return from a serious Achilles injury, while he was also said to be concerned at the direction in which the club was headed.Arsenal were unwilling, however, to let Koscielny leave without receiving a fee and it is believed they will now earn €5m from Bordeaux.Koscielny refused to travel with the rest of the first team squad for the recent pre-season tour of America and was subsequently forced to train with the youth team.Unai Emery offered the experienced defender and olive branch and was prepared to welcome him back into the first team fold, but the offer was rejected with the player determined to return to his homeland.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Advertisementlast_img read more

One step forward, two steps back

first_imgThe Amtrak funding battle resumes this month, when Congress returns from its annual summer holiday. On July 30, a conference committee drawn from the House of Representatives and Senate completed work on a tax package which included US$2·3bn in capital funding for Amtrak over the next two years. However, an authorisation bill passed by committees from both houses to actually give Amtrak the money failed to win approval in either the House or Senate.The bill would give Amtrak more decision-making autonomy in route restructuring and hiring contractors to perform work currently performed in-house. This has created a major impasse over the current provision granting up to six years’ pay to staff made redundant as the result of a route closure; Congress wants the rule abolished, but President Clinton is concerned about losing support from the unions. ’For Amtrak, it’s reform or die’, predicted Bud Shuster, Chairman of the House Transportation Committee.’Unfortunately, Amtrak does not have the luxury of time’, said Amtrak President & CEO Thomas M Downs. He says Amtrak needs the US$2·3bn investment if it is to end taxpayer subsidies in 2002, as mandated by Congress and the administration. An agreement must also be reached on next year’s annual subsidy. The House has passed a budget of US$793m, up US$30m from 1997, with US$250m for the Northeast Corridor upgrading project. But while the proposed capital budget is increased, the US$283m allocation for operating expenses is the lowest in 20 years and US$61m less than the figure requested by government. Congressman Martin Sabo said the operating budget ’is so low that it brings into question whether Amtrak will survive the year’.H Amtrak announcd on July 26 that the thrice-weekly Chicago – San Antonio Texas Eagle will continue indefinitely beyond September 30, when US$5·6m of loan funding from Texas expires (RG 7.97 p449). Future operation has been secured by growth in express parcels traffic to augment passenger revenue. olast_img read more

Asset management roundup: RWC buys European equity manager

first_imgRWC runs roughly $11.2bn in UK, US global, and emerging markets equity strategies, as well as convertible bonds. It also invests in a small number of Japanese companies through a joint venture with Tokyo-based Nissay Asset Management.  Dan Mannix, RWC’s CEO, said: “We believe that there remains a real demand for exceptional investment teams who are providing something different for investors and we see the competitive environment improving as barriers to entry rise and larger organisation increasingly put the squeeze on their investment teams.”Fidelity backs LGPS cost codeFidelity International is the latest asset management group to sign up to the local government pension scheme’s (LGPS) cost disclosure code.Managers including Investec, Baillie Gifford, Legal & General Investment Management, and Capital International have also signed up to the code, which provides a template for asset managers to break down their fees and disclose aspects such as transaction costs.The disclosure template has already shed new light on the level of costs and charges being paid by UK’s public pension funds since its introduction in May. The LGPS Advisory Board has estimated that total costs revealed by the disclosure code could hit £1bn (€1.1bn).Heather Fleming, head of institutional distribution for UK and Ireland at Fidelity, said: “Providing the necessary tools to easily allow our clients to make informed investment decisions has always been a priority for us. We welcome this initiative and recognise the importance in working together as an industry to provide a unified and transparent approach to the reporting of investment costs.”H20 to buy commodity-focused managerH2O Asset Management, a global macro multi-strategy investment manager, is to acquire Arctic Blue Capital, a systematic commodity-focused manager, from Stable Asset Management. According to a statement, the Arctic Blue strategy was launched in 2008 at Canada’s Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, which manages public pension plans in Québec. After deployment at CIBC and Millennium Capital Partners, it was seeded as a standalone firm by Stable Asset Management in 2014.The deal is a response to “increasing client demand for investment strategies suited to a changing inflationary environment”, according to the statement.H2O currently manages $14.6bn on behalf of clients and will provide infrastructure and operational support as part of the deal, while Arctic Blue will add its flagship fund, the Arctic Blue Original Strategy, and its equity-focused Atlanterra Strategy, to the H2O distribution platform.Arctic Blue will continue to be led by CIO and founder Jean-Jacques Duhot. Cyril Beriot, Head of Managed Accounts at H2O, said: “This deal is timely given current market conditions. We expect the global economy to enter a reflationary phase over the short-to-medium term and our clients will now benefit from a suite of high-quality strategies across all asset classes that are perfectly suited to this new environment.”The transaction is currently pending FCA approval. UK-based boutique RWC Partners has acquired European equity specialist Pensato Capital.Pensato’s seven-person investment team – which runs roughly $280m ($246m) – will all join RWC as part of the deal. Pensato’s funds include long-only and long/short European equity funds.The company was founded by former Fidelity International fund manager Graham Clapp in 2008.Clapp said it was “critical” that the Pensato team was able to spend time analysing companies. He added that “by joining with RWC we have the opportunity to work within a broader organisation that offers the resources and diversification that will help us to develop our strategies and focus purely on generating performance for our investors”.last_img read more

Commission could settle ‘leak’ row

first_img A Cardiff spokesman said on Thursday night: ” A formal complaint has been submitted, concerning what we consider to be a serious breach of Premier League rules “We have asked for an investigation into the matter, which is now in the hands of Premier League officials who will report their findings in due course. “At this time it would be inappropriate to discuss any specifics while the investigation is ongoing. “The club has every faith in the process and will welcome the views of the Premier League.” Cardiff will not comment further while the Premier League probe is under way, including at Friday morning’s pre-match press conference that is set to be fronted by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Cardiff, currently 19th in the league and three points from safety with only four games left, host Stoke on Saturday. Premier League bosses will decide whether the complaint should be taken forward – it is understood there remains uncertainty about whether any regulation would have been breached even if the allegation was proven. If the complaint is taken forward, it could be dealt with by either the Premier League’s board or more likely an independent commission. Press Association It is understood that a n independent commission may be asked to rule on Cardiff’s protest. The BBC have reported that Cardiff argued in their complaint to Premier League chiefs that the 3-0 result on April 5 in Palace’s favour should not be allowed to stand. Cardiff’s letter centres on the circumstances surrounding the alleged leaking of their team. Palace sporting director Iain Moody worked for Cardiff until earlier this season before taking up a post at Selhurst Park in November. It has been reported that Cardiff believe Moody might have used his contacts at the Welsh club, or close to Cardiff, to find out which players would start against Palace. Moody, though, has rejected the allegations as “incredibly, extraordinarily untrue” and Palace have also denied the claims. According to the BBC, the letter from Cardiff’s club lawyers runs to five pages and claims the club have proof that Solskjaer’s starting line-up was leaked. Cardiff say they have “every faith in the process” after lodging an official complaint with the Premier League over claims their team was leaked to Crystal Palace before a league game between the clubs earlier this month. last_img read more

Ireland off to solid start against Namibia

first_img The hosts opted to bat first in the four-dayer at Windhoek, reaching stumps at 250 for nine on the back of 78 from JP Kotze. The Irish shared the wickets around with six bowlers among the wickets and two scalps apiece for Tim Murtagh, John Mooney and George Dockrell. Ireland turned in a disciplined bowling performance on day one of their Intercontinental Cup clash against Namibia. Press Associationlast_img read more

University leaders welcome new students at Convocation

first_imgIncoming students and their families gathered in McCarthy Quad on Thursday to hear from University leadership and to be officially inducted into USC at the annual New Student Convocation. Speakers touched on the multiple scandals USC has faced in the past months, but focused on the new direction in which the University plans to move.“Sun shines on this profound and exciting moment, but a shadow falls on it too,” said Varun Soni, the dean of religious life at USC.Soni opened the ceremony by welcoming the new students to the Trojan Family while not shying away from the fact that the campus has been facing challenging events. Dr. Wanda Austin was recently appointed as interim president by the USC Board of Trustees after C.L. Max Nikias stepped down following a slew of scandals.“The University community that you are now joining has been struggling to process events on campus that have shaken us to our core,” Soni said. “As a University community, we also begin a new journey – a long, shared journey of hope, healing and justice.”In her speech, Austin echoed sentiments expressed in a letter sent to the student body on Wednesday. Austin said the University has faced an “especially challenging time” over the past year. “It is because of you and those that come after you,” Austin said, “that our University’s leadership is committed to bringing about change that will make our light shine brighter in both purpose and action.”Austin noted that she was not expecting to become interim president, saying she thought she would be enjoying the celebration of convocation sitting among her fellow Trustees. Undergraduate Student Government President, Debbie Lee, addressed the new students by sharing three lessons she has learned in her time at USC. One of those lessons was that USC is the “perfect place to fail.”“The reality is I’m not perfect, we are all not perfect and this school is not perfect,” Lee said. “When we put all of these factors together, we are all bound to fail at some point in our lives.”Lee noted that USC has a “spectrum” of resources available to students to help them through their college life. “You are taught and led by some of the most compassionate and inspirational professors, staff and administrators,” Lee said.last_img read more