mproving the reliability of power supply and distribution network of Xining core area

August 28th, reporters from the national grid Xining electric power company was informed that, at present, the city of Xining is the core area of distribution network transformation demonstration project, after completion of the project will improve the reliability of power supply in Xining City, shorten the repair time.

it is understood that the State Grid Xining power supply company from now until the end of 2015, the province from west to East Road, Huang Huang waterway, South Nanshan Road, north to Qilian Road, the total area of the core area of about 30 square kilometers, to build five horizontal and twenty vertical modular smart grid loop network. Five horizontal and vertical power supply to the core area of the province is divided into nearly twenty hundred small grid, in the core area, the power sector will take dual power supply, dual line, double access double loop power supply. Will further improve the provincial power supply reliability, shorten the outage time, reduce the power failure area, to meet the needs of urban development. By then, if a fault occurs in the region, the power sector can be switched within 5 minutes of the region’s power supply line to another line, the residents and units within the area will not exceed 5 minutes. In addition, the blackout area is limited to the grid where the fault occurs, there will not be a wide range of power outages. And the core area of the double loop power supply network is completed, but also to meet the demand for electricity in the next twenty years in Xining, power supply reliability is expected to reach 99.997%. (author: Wang Chengying)
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New year’s Eve to send warmth to front line workers

February 7th New Year’s Eve at midnight, the party secretary Wang Xiaoxian came to the first people’s Hospital, city police fire brigade, City Public Security Bureau police detachment during the Spring Festival, visit condolences still stick to their posts staff, fire officers and soldiers and policemen, on behalf of the municipal government to send their sincere greetings and good wishes.

in the fire brigade officers and soldiers, Wang Xiao shook hands to say hello, ask the working life, on behalf of the municipal government to extend my wishes to you. Wang Xiao said that the fire brigade is peace, fighting in the front line in the line of fire assault troops knives, fists troops and heroes Tiejun, made an important contribution to the safety can not be replaced by the city’s economic and social development and people’s lives and property. In order to let the people of the city have a happy and auspicious Spring Festival, fire officers and soldiers sacrifice the opportunity to reunite with their families, stick to the front line, guardian of peace, to pay tribute and thanks to everyone! Hope that we can carry forward the special hardship, in particular, to fight, in particular the spirit of dedication, continue to hold good ground, stand good, safe and secure thousands.


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08 Xining water sector to invest more than three hundred million yuan to complete the implementation

2008, the Xining municipal water sector to complete the fixed assets investment of more than three hundred million yuan, the implementation of the more than and 80 projects to promote harmony between man and nature.

2008, Xining water works grasp project construction, actively funding for the project, the implementation of the Huangshui River governance, take a city, reservoir irrigation water supply and drainage pipe network transformation, 86 projects of soil and water conservation in small watershed management, water-saving society construction, the annual investment reached about three trillion and fifty million yuan, solve the problem of drinking water safety more than 60 thousand the improved irrigation area of sixty-five thousand acres of farmland, soil erosion area of 88 square kilometers. read more

Let the charm of Xining national network media service with Qi

In July 25th, the "2012 key national network media Qinghai OK to carry out into the summer Xining interview activity from across the 45 major network media reporter interview revealed by the unique charm of Xining praise.

on the day of the event, from across the 45 network media reporters in the "Pearl of the plateau" tower with changqiangduanbao and the hands of the notes in the development of Xining; Sheng Temple community in hair experience details create a national civilized city and community construction work; in the streets and lanes central square feel cool the climate of Xining people’s hospitality and summer’s unique understanding of local cultural tourism industry…… The summer of Xining unique folk customs, geography and modern city landscape construction to come to an interview with reporters very media admiration, we have said to the unique charm of Xining through the network publicity out, let more people understand here. read more

3565 candidates to meet the most rigorous graduate examination

The reporter learned from Xining admissions in our province this year to enroll in the postgraduate examination candidates for the 3565 people, they will be in January 4th, 5 in Xining, twenty-two in the seven middle school, high school, School of Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden Hui 4  sites to participate in the examination.

this year, the province’s postgraduate examination for the following characteristics can be called the history of the most serious one’s deceased father grind: to participate in the exam must be carried out "ticket", the two generation "identity card". The certificate will be allowed to enter the examination room; the room for each of the candidates to prepare a set of questions for stationery (black handwriting neutral pen, 2B pencil, a triangular plate, a protractor, compasses, rubber, glue and knife), prohibited the candidates themselves carry stationery admission, after the end of the examination, candidates are not allowed to the examination room equipped with stationery take away; admission staff will use metal detectors to every candidate for security and use the ID card reader to authenticate the identity documents, candidates are not allowed to carry watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry and other metal items approach; candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phone, pager and all kinds of wireless communication tools or storage programming, and query function of electronic products approach; candidates are not allowed to bring any books, newspapers, paper, and correction fluid, correction tape and other items into the The test will be used in the examination room video surveillance and radio detection equipment for the examination room, once found violations of discipline, will seriously deal with the situation and inform the candidates unit. read more

Experience disaster relief scene to help children in Xining special police temporary classes

6 month 17 days, Xining police station in Luoshui middle school, a SWAT tents, a special school. 12 students from various schools in Luoshui town become the special class of the first batch of students, Xining SWAT team Wang Ting is to give them a lesson about strong and United class.

came to the Xining police after 24 hours in Luoshui Town, patrolling the streets, they are imposing single police equipment, and style, gentle smile attracted local students attention, see handling cases, special police officers to stop the dispute, feel the stability of social order after the arrival of the police, they were full of fear and curiosity to swat. Swat and zero contact, so in the Xining police on duty when the players go, always keep up with a group of children. read more

2014 annual urban residents and new rural cooperative medical insurance pay attention to the four

August 19th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal social insurance administration was informed that the 2014 annual urban medical insurance and new rural cooperative payment is about to begin, the insured who pay attention to the four.

* Xining urban residents medical insurance and the new rural cooperative, must take all the members of the family at the same time to participate in the unit, not optional insurance. 2014 annual urban and rural residents insured payment time from September 1, 2013 to December 31st. read more

At the end of this month Xining night bus

This month, Xining city bus group plans to open 9 bus lines to adjust a, is expected by the end of the month, the public will be able to ride on the new bus.

– Open 48 Road, 62 Road, 64 Road, 65 Road, 66 road and 501 Road, night 502 Road, 503 Road, 504 Road, nine bus lines

29 stops: Wang Bin Bao Cun, New Energy Company, international times carpet production base, green New Energy Company, Nanchuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Xie village, Haining Road, the Yellow Sea bridge, the intersection, Chuangye Road north exit, in green junction, Huasheng Road, Lu Jia Zhai Nan Lu Lu Jia Zhai,, Zhai Bei, Nan Xiang, water mill, eighth middle school, prosperous alley and red (Qingyun group), Nanchuan Nanchuan District, shopping malls, bus martyrs cemetery, Nanchuan Park, Kiu, 61 East, Nanshan Road Xikou, Kunlun bridge, Center Plaza (North)

– New 62 – circular, line to Wangjiazhuang Road, Village Road, mutual Road, Huang Road, Bayi Road, main street, East Main Street, North Garden, 71 Road, Jianguo Road, Wangjiazhuang Road, 10 km one-way

25 stops: Wangjiazhuang, Zhu Jiaying, depot, railway, road, Huangzhong Zhuang village, North Bridge, Kangle, Kang Xi Road, Delingha Road, Yang Jia Xiang, Xining Mansion, east gate, North Street, a small Huang light, the provincial military, Guangji Road, the Armed Police Hospital, provincial hospital at the supermarket, 71, green road, Qinghai Tibet railway, train station square east, Wangjiazhuang Road, Wangjiazhuang

– Open 64 new road, route: Biological Park, two road, four road, Weiyi, the weft five road, two road, Tianjin Road, Chaoyang Road, bridge hospital, 9 km one-way

18 stops: Biological Park, Qinghai gelatin, after three northbound, Ning food group, after four, after four road intersection, four South Road, the first occupation technical school, traffic occupation technical school, Wanjia home garden, Tianjin Road, happy city district, North apricot, Zhang Lu, Shen Ning the middle school, North Bridge, bridge, bridge hospital

– Open 65 new road, route: Biological Park, by two road, Tianjin Road, Zhang Ning Road, Bridge Street, bridge hospital, one-way 7;
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Huangyuan implementation of the 123 model to promote innovation in traffic accident disputes

In the social management innovation in Huangyuan county to actively implement the "123" accident dispute processing mode, contradictions and disputes, effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accident damages caused, to achieve efficient win-win, promote the innovation of social management

in social management innovation in Huangyuan county to actively implement the "123" accident dispute processing mode, contradictions and disputes, effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accident damages caused, to achieve efficient win-win, promote the innovation of social management. read more