How to make good use of provident fund

recently, with the increase in the maximum amount of provident fund loans and the introduction of a series of convenience measures related to the provident fund loans, provident fund and its loans by the general public’s attention. September 24th, the reporter on the commercial housing and second-hand housing provident fund loans related policies and public concern housing renovation can apply for provident fund loans and other issues, interviewed the Xining housing fund management center. read more

22 take 10 doctoral student enrollment examination

In May 13th, the Qinghai Normal University to study for the doctorate graduate entrance examination. The examination began in May 10th, a total of 22 candidates to participate in the doctoral graduate entrance exam, which is held for the first time the school of geography, computer science and technology, Chinese history of 3 first grade doctorate authorization discipline entrance examination candidates will participate in the professional basic courses, foreign language and the direction of the 3 exam subjects. After the end of the exam will be based on the results in 22 candidates admitted to 10 for doctoral students. read more

Clean up unreasonable charges for enterprise burden

Recently, the province on the development of the province in 2014 to reduce the burden on the work of the company’s views, will be through special clean-up related departments of administrative fees and other aspects of the ten aspects of the charges, and effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. It is reported that the burden for the enterprise to special clean-up illegal fees, reduce some fees as the focus, comprehensive clean standardize various charges related matters, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of the market, to create a good environment. Specifically: special clean-up related departments of administrative fees, focus on cleaning up the country has been cancelled but the relevant departments still collect fees, avoid duplicate charges; special treatment of illegal charges on regional custom, such as the surrounding agricultural and pastoral areas to support the development of new rural construction funds, funds and other illegal charges; special governance of the banking institutions unreasonable charges according to the project, key management fees, loan companies reflect the settlement discipline such as special treatment; highway unreasonable fees, reduce the cost of highway transportation enterprises to implement the policy, in conjunction with the relevant departments to study and put forward to cancel part of highway toll stations, or reduce fees of opinion; special governance intermediary institutions unreasonable charges for the enterprise and Industry Association all kinds of appraisal standards activities, as well as a variety of assessments and sponsorship fees; focus on cleaning up and Administration Functions of various intermediary services charges. It also includes temporary exemption from some industries primary mineral resources compensation fees, slow (minus) to pay the electricity sector charges and reduce some fees, the railway sector to reduce the risk of lightning disaster assessment standards of the meteorological department.   read more

Learning through the spirit of the eighteen harmonious community line the successful conclusion

December 8th, in front of the stadium in Xining, flags fluttering, laughter. Sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Qinghai daily news, the Western Metropolis Daily hosted the eighteen spirit of learning through the · harmonious community line, held here in the fifth events. In a piece of joy, the "learning through the spirit of the eighteen · harmonious community line" activities also painted a full stop.

on the same day, the neighborhood offices and community programs elected Xining city community residents to feast their eyes, singing, laughter, accompanied by applause, immersed in the joy of community residents. In the activities of the office of Qinghai, Ma Decoction of 100 families in the city in Xining city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau poor sanitation workers donated warm materials. It is understood that this event was supported by the Xining Street offices and communities, the activities of participating personnel up to more than and 300 people. "This event fully embodies the" big community "were stationed in the building, and all participating in the program are Zibianziyan, reflect the community residents in recent years changes in cultural life development, fully express the joy of community residents." Xiguan Street Party committee secretary Zhao Haitao said that the activities for community residents to provide a stage to display their own, enjoy a positive and healthy life, to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs of community residents, to a positive role for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai. read more

Create a national unity and progress in the Western District of the city played a new national unity

West District of Xining City, is a multi-ethnic city, a total of more than 24.6 people in the region, there are Han, Hui, Tibetan, Tu, Mongolian and other ethnic groups of 34. Among them, more than 2.6 ethnic minorities, accounting for the region’s population of 10.6%. Over the years, the brothers and sisters of all ethnic groups love each other, solidarity and mutual assistance, and jointly write a new chapter in the prosperity and development of the western region. October 22nd, west district health system of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create a mobilization meeting held, marking the west area of national unity and progress in advanced areas to create work into the hospital activities in full swing. In this piece of land on the west side of the city, the brothers and sisters will join hands to create a better life. read more

Huangzhong launched 31 theme activities to promote national unity and progress in advanced areas

organized activities to create a volunteer service team, the establishment of national unity, carry out gratitude activities launched 31 series of theme practice activities in Huangzhong, promote the advanced areas to create national unity and progress of work.

the 31 theme series of activities including: the practice of Party members and cadres at all levels of the organization to carry out research, in-depth rural communities, monasteries, schools, extensive consultation with the work of national unity "golden ideas"; issued on the content of national policy theory, ethnic and religious laws and regulations and other promotional materials, production of special TV program, showing some full national the unity of the new rural construction and other excellent films, in order to carry out the speech contest, Zhishijingda and other forms of national unity and progress and competition activities, intensify the work to create the propaganda; leading cadres take the lead deep into the grassroots and visit minority households, they take the initiative to understand the difficulties and needs, actively carry out the work of helping, and through the "sunshine project", "rain plan" training, increase employment opportunities for farmers; earnestly implement the various contradictions and disputes To resolve the mechanism of the formation of the formation of volunteer service team, in-depth rural, residential, schools, temples, enterprises and other places to create publicity and education activities, organized by the legal workers to carry out activities such as compulsory rights. read more

New LED station section card debut provincial bus no longer have to worry about sitting over the sta

Many people in the bus, always because of the excessive noise inside the car, can not hear the sound of the station station reported. And the site of the car because the information can not be clear direction or position at that time, and became a decoration. Now, a new type of electronic station section card officially unveiled 1 bus and bus No. 25. With it, passengers no longer have to worry about the station.It is reported that the

, put into use in the electronic station section card LED internal light source, can clearly display the vehicle route and to arrive at the site by GPS and stops synchronous positioning. Has been the site of the red light will be lit, the red light will stop at the bottom of the site will not stop flashing, not to the bottom of the site does not light.How do you know

the station section card concise and easy to understand, can clearly identify the vehicle driving route and station information at night, passengers can see at any time. In the future, Xining city bus group will gradually promote this new station card.   read more

FRST lit summer city people viewing enthusiasm

"This is a dialogue about the peak of the film, but also a high level of culture, art, film. And the place where all this happens, just in the beautiful cool Xining, gratifying, but also enough to make people proud of Xining, which is precisely the charm of the city of Xining and the perfect fusion of the film show." July 25th, just finished watching Takeshi, dragon three and the loss of the seven partners, the people of Zhang Kun, told reporters.

with the ninth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival in hot summer, people viewing the passion was ignited again, Liu said of the film fancier movie show: "these films technically not sophisticated, thinking about some of the film is simple, but it is important that you can see these movies is really trying to explain the world, to touch the real pain in their lives, people can feel the complexity of life." "This is a film festival that really belongs to us in Xining, we don’t need to admire other city movie show, we also have the opportunity to close contact with the idol, heard that Huang Bo will come, I’ll go to see my idol." Xiao Li told reporters. read more

Municipal Health Bureau held a special meeting of the gradual equalization of basic public health se

June 24th, the Municipal Health Bureau held equal access to public health services has a special meeting, the county health secretary, head of the city center for disease control, health education, maternal health care center and other institutions, municipal health bureau director of the relevant offices attended the meeting, deputy secretary Li Xiangdong presided over the meeting.

read more

North of Xining City the first home of a new model of community care

recently, along with the bridge community home care service station put into use, community home care service area north of the city officially launched the pilot work on the bridge, the new bridge community community and Mao Sheng Temple community, which means that the elderly in Chengbei district can enjoy the professional service of the old-age home, new pension model between this range of family pension and the pension agency, will solve the problem of traditional home-based care services is insufficient. read more

Braised beef noodles how long their admirals

dishes can also teach us the truth in life, you know? Many people in life will account for a small cheap that others poor silly, really silly things yourself, because you don’t know what this is called still water runs deep. Admiral long stew beef noodles, beef chunks inside, a lot of people say that it will not make money, so please rest assured, very make money, because it can win consumers, in order to make money Everfount!

Du long stew beef noodles, beef noodles to create unique private read more

Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double line Xining Railway Station started laying

in December 5th, with the full fleet of sleepers and ballast in Lanzhou second lane of Xining Railway Station construction site, Lanzhou second double track laying began Xining Railway Station.

to ensure the construction goal and construction safety, China Railway five Bureau six companies to Xining Railway Station project department in advance to carry out high-speed railway construction business training and winter construction safety training, and constantly improve the team and site construction management, ensure the quality of construction safety and stable control; while increasing with the owners, design, supervision and other units of communication between contact, ensure the smooth progress of construction. The project is expected to be completed before June 30, 2014. read more

Expansion of the central square in the North during the year after the completion of the project to

Xining City Plaza North expansion project demolition work since May 2011, so far, the demolition of the total task has been completed more than 90%, the Central Plaza North expansion project will be launched during the year. The near future, touch the sky skyscrapers, waterfront park surrounded by blue, functional cultural activity center will be presented in front of the public. This reporter learned from the two sessions in Xining.

Central Plaza North expansion project is the key construction projects in Xining. The transformation of the region east of the whole Central Plaza mutual lane, West to the Nanchuan River, north of the 71 bridge, South to the central square, is the center of Xining city commercial center of the cross frame, planning a total area of about 17.4 hectares. The project will be two axis, three corridors, four pieces of functional structure to transform. Two, respectively, riverside landscape axis along the Nanchuan River and along the Yangtze River Road, the city function development axis; the three corridor space, visual corridor between three contact waterfront leisure area and other functional blocks; four pieces, including the riverside area, leisure area, comprehensive public financial cultural trade comprehensive area, office area The Commercial Hotel. Within the scope of the transformation of the original residents in different places to achieve the "sparse" urban construction goals. After the transformation, the central square area will be nearly doubled. read more

How do you see the incident in Yunnan

the beauty of Yunnan, so many people love to love the natural scenery here, but before and after the Spring Festival, the incident happened in Lishui, Yunnan’s tourism industry lost its glory, hope the government of Yunnan province to the rectification of the local cultural tourism market, the tourism market as soon as possible to restore prosperity. People can be assured with the tour, to stop the incident.

* * * * how beautiful? Beauty to spicy eyes"! You see, in February 20th, with the opening of China: the charm of the world of Yunnan as the theme of the global promotion activities in Yunnan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held in the blue room, beautiful food readily available. Foreign minister Wang Yi and Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Moses Chan, governor Ruan Chengfa to the global promotion of yunnan. read more

2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival on August Opening Banquet activities colorful

2015 Qinghai cultural tourism festival will be held on August 12th, at that time, China and South Korea border Theme Party Cultural Festival, Qinghai national song and dance performances, art performances, Qinghai Province group "flowers" to traditional music performances and other colorful cultural tourism activities will showcase.

exhibition held in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the A museum is a cultural exhibition hall, exhibition hall B is broadcasting and sports exhibition, C Museum of Qinghai stone culture expo. Among them, the A Museum and cultural exhibition, folk art exhibition tour including Qinghai, the production of protection exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in Qinghai Province, Qinghai Silk Road along the historical and cultural heritage exhibition, Qinghai local characteristics of fine books, audio and video, animation exhibition, Qinghai folk art, sculpture painting art exhibition. And has a joint exhibition outside the province and the national outreach area, the first organized by the Korean cultural and artistic exhibition along the Silk Road National Art exhibition.

performances is 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival highlights will be staged Cultural Tourism Festival theme party "beautiful Qinghai · theater in Qinghai; the Silk Road light", the party by China Oriental performing arts group stage director, committee director Liu Jiang served as director of art. "South Korea – South Korea border culture festival Art Troupe performances" will be staged in Qinghai Grand Theatre, invited the famous Korean Taekwondo troupe, cookin show troupe and provincial art troupes perform, show the cultural essence of China and South korea.

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Accelerate the construction of water ecological civilization

to water needed, because the volume of water resources, water conditions, water ecological civilization construction for the severe water shortage in our city is very important. March 22nd is the twenty-third World Water Day, in order to better promote water ecological civilization construction, the provincial water resources department, Municipal Bureau of water affairs at the Qinghai University, the central square held the "conservation of water resources, protection of water security" World Water Day campaign. The total amount of water resources in our city
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As of the end of November second hand housing transaction tax revenue exceeded twenty million yuan i

December 17th, the Xining real estate transaction management trading hall, packed with second-hand housing transactions to come to the public, some of them in the form, some in consultation. Since this year, Xining second-hand housing market is very hot, as of the end of November, second-hand housing transaction tax revenue exceeded twenty million yuan in Xining city.

With the accelerated pace of urbanization, the gradual improvement of the living standard of the residents and the promotion of the concept of consumption, people’s demand for commercial housing and second-hand housing continues to grow. read more