Share the operating skills of bedding franchise stores

the current development of the home textile industry market is optimistic about the public investment at the same time, bedding home textile products popular sales also attracted a lot of attention to join agents. How to open a bedding shop in the operation of bedding stores, you need to know what skills? Let us come together to understand the following:

bedding stores as a result of home textiles for a specific target consumer groups, emphasizing bedding personalized home textiles, including product style, home textile store design, image planning and other aspects. How about opening a bedding shop only when the style, style and image of the store are consistent?. Therefore, the image of the store is very important. Stores in home textiles, not just the place of sale, but also a personality display. Store design style, props, lighting and so on to the quality of the home textile, enhance the added value of home textiles. read more

Love starts in Hunan electricity supplier poverty alleviation action

poverty alleviation is a common word in our daily life. However, the electricity supplier on poverty alleviation action is how one thing? Specifically how to expand it? The following and Xiaobian together with a detailed understanding of it!

from the beginning of this year, our province will in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County to carry out a comprehensive demonstration on "business poverty alleviation" special action in 51 poor counties. Focus on the "agricultural products (000061, stock it) to" focus on promoting the county’s agricultural product standardization, scale, brand. In April 27th, Hunan province to promote poverty alleviation business officially launched special operations, the launching ceremony held in chengbu. read more

T men to sell more than five thousand monthly profit on the sale of dessert

recently online news aroused strong concern, is mainly about the IT male to make hamburger day million. The following small series to introduce a IT male to start the process, but he is not the meat with the steamed bread, but selling desserts month profit over five thousand stories.

IT salespeople Zhou (a pseudonym) found in running sales, Chongqing dessert market business can do. So he decided to resign to Guangdong from back then invested fifty thousand in Monument for Liberation set up a dessert shop, in just three months to recover the cost. At present, his monthly net income is about 5000 to about 10 thousand. read more

North District Safety Supervision Bureau to carry out two production safety inspection

Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day is approaching, in order to ensure the safety during the two, let the people live a peaceful, happy and peaceful holiday, even the day, north of the city district safety committee organize safety supervision, public security, fire protection, cultural tourism, street offices and other departments, set up a special inspection team to the region’s industrial and mining enterprises construction sites, tourist attractions, hotels, cafes and other places to carry out a special inspection before the production safety. In order to ensure the safe production of
"two" period, the north area of the safety committee specially formulated and issued a "good Seongbuk mid autumn National Day safety inspection plan" requirements do not leak a user, leave no one, to further implement the "fighting rule violation work to ensure that the national day" two day "and the eighteen Congress during the production safety situation is stable. Even
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July air quality in our city

Recently, reporters from the city atmosphere office was informed that in July, the County Park, I released the ambient air quality status: four district, West District, relatively good air quality, the air quality index is 4.66; the north area of the relatively poor air quality, air quality index is 7.83. Three counties, Datong County air quality is relatively good, the air quality index is 3.96; Huangzhong air quality is relatively poor, the air quality index is 5.92. Four industrial park, Nanchuan Industrial Park relatively good air quality, the air quality index is 3.87; Dongchuan Industrial Park, the relatively poor air quality, air quality index is 5.12.
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How do you see the incident in Yunnan

the beauty of Yunnan, so many people love to love the natural scenery here, but before and after the Spring Festival, the incident happened in Lishui, Yunnan’s tourism industry lost its glory, hope the government of Yunnan province to the rectification of the local cultural tourism market, the tourism market as soon as possible to restore prosperity. People can be assured with the tour, to stop the incident.

* * * * how beautiful? Beauty to spicy eyes"! You see, in February 20th, with the opening of China: the charm of the world of Yunnan as the theme of the global promotion activities in Yunnan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held in the blue room, beautiful food readily available. Foreign minister Wang Yi and Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Moses Chan, governor Ruan Chengfa to the global promotion of yunnan. read more

Micro blog live trial promote judicial justice

In May 14th, the reporter learned from the West District People’s court, the hospital will implement the new work mode of micro-blog live trial in the court trial, which is to promote judicial fairness, openness and transparency of information has a positive effect.

in the May 14th court scene, in addition to the staff of judges, as well as two West District People’s court official responsible for the staff of micro-blog, the computer is not busy. According to the introduction of the West District People’s court trial management office assistant judges, every aspect of the trial court, including the court debate, the defendant stated, the accused defense and other content, they will be the first time through the official micro-blog, released to the network, for the majority of Internet users supervision.

it is reported that the West District People’s Court opened micro-blog live trial aims to comprehensively and timely disclosure of relevant information, and promote judicial fairness. In the future will be allowed within the scope of the law, the choice of a large number of cases, micro-blog live.   read more