Gallons for Varane

first_imgWaiting for Madrid to go for Upamecano (21), one of the names in the portfolio, Varane continues to establish itself over the years. It is he who ensures the level the next seasons. In fact, After over 300 matches as a Real Madrid player, He is the fourth captain. And he wore the bracelet in January 2018, in the idea of ​​a Cup against Leganés, and in December in Bruges, in the Champions League. With France, world champion in 2018, it premiered in these competitions in 2014, against Sweden, being the youngest in the history of his country to do so. And he has repeated another 11 times. The French central defender, by age, performance, affinity with the coach and contractual situation, it is insurance. He is 26 years old, despite the fact that his know-how and honors (17 club titles) are more typical of a veteran. This course has taken a step forward regularly, also scoring four goals and giving an assist. Zidane, a key factor so that he did not leave PSG last summer, has given him 3,000 minutes, the third most played by the squad. The relationship between coach and footballer, in his day ‘discoverer’ and pearl, is close. And the link of the ‘5’ with Madrid, until 2022, it gives room for a future extension. Leader of Madrid and FranceVarane, finally respected for injuries, he is more settled than ever in Madrid. The statistics support him, especially four in which he beats Ramos, another benchmark, with whom he is paired: He has a better percentage of duels won (63.76% -55.47%), takes more balls above (79-77) and blocks more times (20-13) than the Andalusian. Furthermore, no central unit has the French successful dribbling ratio of 75%. Despite some signs and some evidence, In Madrid’s defense today there are more questions than answers. What will happen in order to assign Achraf, Odriozola and Reguilón? What to do with Nacho, central room past thirty; the doubts generated by Militao, a bet of 50 million; or the renewal of Ramos, who wants to extend two years, the club has not called you and would offer you only one? How Carvajal or Mendy, Varane he is one of the few outside these currents. 5last_img read more

Amidst Revelation of Alleged Plans to Islamize Liberia, West Africa:

first_imgIn the wake of a publication unveiling an alleged plan by Saudi Arabia to Islamize Liberia and nine other West African countries, Liberian Ambassador Wesley M. Johnson has called on government not to treat the issue lightly but to take precautionary measures to prevent any occurrence that would undermine the peace of the state.The former Liberian Ambassador to the Court of St. James in London, who walked into the offices of the Daily Observer on May 5, 2014 upon reading our initial story on the alleged Saudi plan, acknowledged that Muslims are spreading all over the world with activities impeding the existence of peace.While some Liberians are by faith Muslim, the Liberian Ambassador cautioned that state security has to work hard to prevent in Liberia activities carried out by Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, al-Qaeda and other religious extremist and militant groups in Africa and other parts of the world.Although the authors of the document unveiling the plan to Islamize Liberia and West Africa are unknown, which in some   ways makes the analysis to be unbelievable, Ambassador Johnson said it is difficult to rule out the report considering the prevailing activities of some Islamic believers around the world.As the Muslim population grows in Liberia, he noted, it serves as a blessing for those perpetrating evil in other parts of the world because it will serve as strength for them. “It would be good for government and citizens to put measures into place to prevent such a thing from happening here.  It is certain that what happens in other places could   happen here, too, but we must be eternally vigilant and take nothing for granted,” Ambassador Johnson added.   He said the information brings to mind the need for citizens to help security with information about suspicious activities of foreigners entering Liberia, including those coming through the country’s porous borders. Unlike the past when Muslim women wearing black veils covering their faces were very few and far between, their numbers in Liberia have significantly increased, with many of them living in Monrovia.Amidst this concern, the Ambassador told the Daily Observer that government also has to handle the matter with care to avoid internal conflict between Muslims and Non-Muslims. It may be recalled that in 2011 conflict sparked up between Mandingos and other tribal groups in Lofa County, which led to deaths and destruction of properties.  A similar incident occurred at Paynesville Red Light in 2004.Following the Voinjama event, a member of the Muslim community wrote a letter to Saudi Arabia complaining to Muslims of that country that Liberian Muslims were not treated with dignity, requesting Arabian Muslims to assist Liberian Muslims tackle the issue.Considering these instances and others that may possibly happen in line with perception created by this published Saudi  information, Ambassador Johnson indicated that Liberians need to be bold to admit their faults and truly reconcile to be together rather than harbor divisive minds. He also clarified that he had not resigned as an Ambassador as the information in the said article indicated, but confirmed that he is no longer an accredited ambassador to London.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

ERC Commissioner wants Government to implement daycare services

first_img– initiative would be a “win-win” for all partiesThe cost of daycare facilities for children in Guyana continues to rise as parents, especially those who are employed, are finding it difficult to juggle between their workplaces and daycare centres.Ruth HowardIn light of this, women’s representative on the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), Ruth Howard while speaking about the roles that women play, explained that traditionally, women have been seen as nurturers at home but now, with their presence in the workforce, this proves to be quite a challenge.She stated that there is a need for more workplaces to offer daycare services to women as part of ensuring that they can function effectively as a staff member and also as a parent. Such a move would be a “win-win situation” for all parties.The Government agencies have a larger number of women in the workforce when compared to the Private Sector and it would make quite an impact on the lives of women who sometimes have to bring their children to the office and keep them there until the work day comes to an end.An initiative such as this would also benefit men; those who are single parents and other male guardians that are responsible for collecting a child from school and taking them to their mothers.In relation to the Private Sector, she noted that there needs to be more caring and understanding employers to allow employees with children to work flexible hours since there are cases where some employers these days have banned employees from bringing children into the workplace.Night-care facilities for parents and/or guardians with night jobs or those who have to work a shift system would be one solution in ensuring enhanced performance from their staff and females can be more family-oriented.Ideally, the move for Government to establish daycare centres would be welcomed by the larger society since it would be cost effective to families and also negate situations where employers have to give time off to their workers so that they can care for their children properly.This idea had been voiced on the campaign trail during the elections held in 2015 but to date it is yet to come to fruition.last_img read more

Creation of 50,000 jobs conservative, more can be achieved – PPP Presidential Candidate

first_imgPresidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Irfaan Ali believes the 50,000 jobs being promised to the Guyanese population should his party return to office is in fact a modest figure.PPP Presidential Candidate Irfaan AliAli hosted a press conference on Thursday; his first since being elected Presidential Candidate of the PPP/Civic.He pointed out that the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government has failed to deliver most of its manifesto promises to the Guyanese people in the more than four years the Administration has been in office.According to Ali, Guyanese have to hold Government accountable for this failure, which has resulted in the hardships many citizens face, especially among the vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly and youths.He reminded of Government’s promise to stimulate job creation, especially for youths, but instead they have caused the country to face 37,000 job losses in various economy-driven sectors. He went on to revealed that under the APNU/AFC, Guyana has slipped four positions in the employment rate for the 25-54 age group and seven positions for the age group 54 to 64 on the Global Human Capital Index. With regards to youths, he disclosed that the country declined nine positions in unemployment for the 15-24 age group.To this end, Ali posited that unlike the coalition Administration, his party will not falter in its efforts to ensure that what is being promised to the populace is achieved.Among the host of promises the PPP has mentioned that will be in its manifesto, is the creation of 50,000 new jobs and according to the party’s Presidential Candidate, even this figure is too conservative.“There were some (criticisms) raised on the 50,000 job creation but let me say, this is a very, very conservative figure,” Ali stated.He went on to outline some of the key sectors in which an Irfaan Ali-led PPP administration will provide an array of jobs for Guyanese. These include the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector with the establishment of call centres and the provision of critical services in sectors such as education, health, financial and security.Additionally, he mentioned eco-tourism, agriculture, mining, environmental services, forestry, and housing as key sectors that can also churn out many employment opportunities if the right investments are made.“Let me give you an example; if you create 10,000 house lots every year, because our target is 50,000, and let’s say you have an occupancy of only 20 per cent, the average figure nationally now is 30 per cent, so you have 1500 persons building and if a bare minimum of five persons are employed on each houses, then that this 7500 jobs created there and that is on housing alone… So when you reserve the tax measures that have been inhibitive to various sectors, you would see the further strengthening and expansion of those sectors, thus creating jobs,” he added.Furthermore, Ali noted that the impending oil and gas sector too can also be a great source of job creation within the areas of training, shore-based facilitates, gas and energy development, enlightened local content and machine and engineering.“So if you reorient the budgetary spending that is there now, you will be able to create all those jobs we’ve lost as a result of wasteful spending and mis-prioritised spending,” he added.The PPP presidential candidate further stressed that “So this 50,000 is very conservative; then with the reopening of sugar and the linkages sugar had in other segment of the economy, you’re talking about 11,000 thousand jobs easily… so I know when we examined this at the committee level and when we are costing it, 50,000 is a very, very conservative estimate. It’s the bare minimum and I’m sure that we can achieve beyond this.”last_img read more

Therapeutic Salt Caves open in Letterkenny

first_imgAmanda Torrens, from Raphoe in Co. Donegal, is no stranger to the healthcare sector and over the last seventeen years has built and developed a group of nursing homes earning an excellent reputation in care provision for their residents throughout Ireland.Amanda’s latest launch in conjunction with her business partner Dr. Remo Schneider from Switzerland has brought to her home county of Donegal salt therapy treatments and a breakthrough innovative technology in PelviPower.The salt caves are designed to alleviate respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, COPD and others and for your skin such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis and more. Amanda Torrens, CEO PonteMed Ireland, Dr. Remo P. Schneider, CEO PonteMed AG Schweiz and Packie Bonner, Ireland’s Soccer Legend who officially opened Salt Caves Ireland & PelviPower at Pontemed Clinic, Letterkenny.The Salt Caves has natural antibacterial, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties which will improve your overall wellbeing and fitness. All you have to do is, sit back, relax and breath. Let the Salt Caves Therapy do the rest and you can enjoy the experience.When you sit in one of our Salt Caves, a halo generator grinds up pharmaceutical grade salt into minute particles that become airborne when dispersed into the room. The dry salt aerosol particles are then inhaled deep into the lungs to help relieve inflammation, loosen congestion to allow easier and improved breathing.The salt particles help to open up the airways, increase oxygen intake and cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollutants and other allergens. When salt lands on the skin it can also help to relieve sore, flakey, red and irritated skin.It is important to understand that salt therapy is not an alternative therapy, but a complementary one. It can help relieve the symptoms of a condition and work in conjunction with existing medication, resulting in even greater relief. Commenting on her new venture, Amanda says, “I am delighted to be in a position to bring salt therapy to Letterkenny. The public have embraced the concept which is great and have enjoyed the results in what it can do to enhance their quality of life from respiratory and dermatological issues. The amount of people through our doors to date has been outstanding and our team there have excelled in dealing with the influx of users.“It is just amazing for us to see the results being achieved by our customers and it has already had a profound effect on some of their lives. People have come to us to help with their breathing and skin problems and have had great success, once these conditions have been resolved they are returning for further treatments due to the relaxing and calming effects they and their children are experiencing.”Amanda added that, “We have created a sanctuary for people to come and unwind. Our world is so fast-paced and we just want people to come and turn off their phones and breathe and be with themselves, be present with themselves and just relax. It’s the high mineral content and the way it interacts naturally with our bodies that makes the treatment so beneficial.“The Himalayan salt contains many of the minerals that the human body needs. Our clients breathe in the minerals and feel the benefits after just a few visits.”PelviPower is a revolutionary treatment for Urinary Incontinence (UI) which is now available in Donegal. PelviPower is an innovative and scientific technology introduced by PonteMed Ireland, it will permanently change the lives of thousands of people suffering from bladder weakness and back pain in the North-West Region.PelviPower has proven effective in treating pre-and postoperative patients undergoing Prostate surgery. It has been hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 50% of men over the age of 40 suffer from the condition. The success rate for treating back pain is well documented, an estimated 1.65m people in Ireland suffer with back pain, with 21% reporting living with pain for more than a decade. Conditions affecting the bladder are highly stigmatising.Individuals experiencing UI tend to feel embarrassed about their symptoms and can be reluctant to engage in social activities.PonteMed begins its national expansion, having already installed a unit at Bons Secours Galway and The Galway Clinic. Limerick has been identified as the next location for the treatment and it is expected to be up and running by December at The Bons at Baringtons. When Amanda was asked about PelviPower, she stated “Letterkenny is the first PelviPower centre to open in Ireland and we are looking forward to opening six more in the next year in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny, Kildare and Dublin. This technology is the first of its kind to hit our island and I am proud to have brought it to my home county of Donegal first.“This innovative medical device is a passive treatment which strengthens the pelvic floor and builds your inner core strength, something of which we all tend to forget about, yet it is vital to our inner wellbeing especially in today’s world.”Amanda added that, “Having seen it in operation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where it has become a permanent part of treatment, I was convinced that thousands of sufferers in Ireland would benefit from this treatment.”More information is available directly from:PonteMed Clinic,Scally Place,Justice Walsh Road,Letterkenny,Co. Donegal.Ph. No: 1890 800226Landline: 074 9122863Mobile: 087 Salt Caves open in Letterkenny was last modified: November 12th, 2017 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:amanda torrensdonegalletterkennypelvimpowerpontemedsalt cavestherapyuilast_img read more

DD Fitness: Warm up for the NW 10K the right way!

first_imgThe North West 10k is on tomorrow at 2pm and there will be thousands attending.There will be walkers, joggers and runners all taking on the challenge to complete the busiest race of the season.Our next Lean in 2019 program starts on May 13™ if you would like to get fit, lose some weight and have some fun in the process, you can sign up now through the link below. With the 10k being so popular for the recreational runner, I have a warm-up routine that you can do to help loosen you out before the race.The Main reason warming up is important is that it may help prevent any injuries or strains from occurring.For most turning up to the race, it sometimes can be a matter of turning up and just starting, with no pre-warm up or mobility routine beforehand.This wouldn’t the best option. Some still tend to just do some static stretching before a run and while it is still beneficial after the run, dynamic stretching or a mobility routine is the preferred choice for getting the body primed to run.The main purpose of the warm-up is to get the muscles and joints loosened up and to elevate the heart rate slightly so you get some blood pumping through your muscles and around your body.This makes it easier to get started once the race begins and it won’t take a kilometre or two for you to loosen out and get into your stride.When you get to the race, find an area and start to do some walking for a few minutes to get loosened out if you have been sitting all morning.You can then go into a slight jog to get some blood pumping through your muscles. If you can’t find a suitable area for this, you can do some light Jumping Jacks, Strides, Bodyweight Squats etc to get the heart rate up also.Once you have a few minutes of this done, you can move into your dynamic mobility routine.This will help to loosen your joints even more and will have a big effect on your running.We will look at working on the main parts involved and will work through these in a short routine that can be done on the spot. The main parts are:AnkleHamstrings and GlutesQuadsHipsThoracic and Lumbar spineShouldersYou will do each of these for 8 repetitions on each side and just move from one exercise to the next with no real break between them. Make sure the heels stay on the ground for the ankle mobility and the squat to stand.This can be done 2- times depending on how stiff you are feeling. Click the links to see a video of them being done.Squat to StandKnee HugsButt KicksGroinersSide Lying RotationsArm SwingsAnkle MobilityThese are 7 simple exercises that you can do to help loosen you out before the race and should leave you feeling better and more prepared for your run.With the added benefit of helping to prevent injuries and strains and sprains, there is no reason you shouldn’t do them.All the best to everyone who is taking part tomorrow, I hope we all have a safe and satisfying North West 10k.#Leainin2019These are just some of the tips I give to the members from my Lean in 2019 program.Our next block of classes starts on May 13™ and if you want to get in shape for Summer, we can help you to get a head start on that now.You can find out more through the link below. * Emmet is the owner and operator of Rushe Fitness LTDDD Fitness: Warm up for the NW 10K the right way! was last modified: May 5th, 2019 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:dd fitnessNorth West 10klast_img read more

Raiders mailbag: What’s going on with Derek Carr?

first_imgALAMEDA  — You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Whether you agree or not.A Raiders’ mailbag heading in to a Week 4 road game Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts:Q: Are the problems on offense a result of Derek Carr’s play or the play calling? Haven’t seen many deep routes in the last 2 games. Seems to me the problem is more of a lack of offensive creativity..knock on wood if your with me. — @brwong24Coach Jon Gruden says it’s on him. It’s concerning, no doubt. Everyone expected better …last_img read more

Airbus’ answer to the Boeing 787 takes to the air

first_imgLike the 787 the twin-engine A350 is of all composite construction which enables the manufacturer to make significant improvements to passenger comfort.Typically aircraft are pressurized to an altitude of 2800m which gives some passengers mild altitude sickness with impacts such as mild headaches.However, because the 787 and A350 are made of composite structure which is stronger than aluminium the pressurization can be increased to the equivalent of a 2000m altitude removing the impact of altitude sickness.And composite structure does not corrode so the humidity can be increased thus reducing the impact of dehydration.The A350 can fly up to 15,000km.There are three models with capacity between 270 in a three-class international configuration for the A350-800 to 550 in the largest model the -1000 with an all economy layout.First deliveries will be to Qatar Airways in 2014.Airbus has sold 615 A350s, while Boeing has sold almost 900 787s.The A350 opens a new chapter in Airbus’ 43 year history.Equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent XWB turbofans, the A350 XWB first flight took place over south western France.An international crew of six was on board, comprising two Flight Test Pilots, one Test Flight Engineer and three Flight Test Engineers.At the controls of the A350 XWB’s first flight are Peter Chandler, Airbus’ Chief Test Pilot, and Guy Magrin, Project Pilot for the A350 XWB.Accompanying them in the cockpit is Pascal Verneau, the A350 XWB Project Test Flight Engineer.At their flight test stations in the main aircraft cabin and monitoring the progress of the flight via an extensive array of flight test instrumentation are the three flight test engineers: Fernando Alonso, Head of Airbus Flight & Integration Test Centre; Patrick du Ché, Head of Development Flight Tests; and Emanuele Costanzo, lead Flight Test Engineer for the Trent XWB engine.This first flight marks the beginning of a test campaign totaling around 2,500 flight hours with a fleet of five development aircraft.The rigorous flight testing will lead to the certification of the A350-900 variant by the European EASA and US FAA airworthiness authorities, prior to entry into service in the second half of 2014 with first operator Qatar Airways.last_img read more

Big corn yields and narrow trading ranges

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Corn harvest this month had many Ohio producers scrambling for completion. The huge amount of corn and soybean acres replanted earlier this spring pushed maturity several weeks behind normal. The time change the first weekend of November brought the stark reality that harvest conditions had dramatically changed. Gone were the long harvest hours seen during the last half of October when the weather provided nearly two weeks of excellent harvest conditions. The 70-degree or higher daily temperatures evaporated along with the many hours of sunny weather. Those days were often replaced with daily highs struggling to reach even 50 degrees. The first 10 days of November brought rain nearly every day to much of Ohio. Those rains were particularly troublesome for those struggling to finish harvesting soybeans.Producers and grain elevators alike have been working diligently to make room for the long harvest period seen in October and November. On farm storage is being used to the maximum as producers scramble to find room for all of the corn flowing out of combines this fall. Rain delays not only yielded time for equipment repairs, but allowed producers the opportunity to put even more corn in places which had not been used with regularity in past years. Producers continue to be flabbergasted with the corn yields this fall. Across Ohio, corn yields are setting new records for numerous producers. The huge amount of replanted acres pushed maturity later than desired. November brought less than desired harvest opportunities as farm dryers struggled to keep up with the huge amount of corn that needed to be dried. The rains of early November even pushed one central Ohio commercial grain facility to switch their dryer to soybeans, away from corn, in order to condition incoming grain to desired levels. That strategy was no doubt seen across the state.The November USDA Supply and Demand Report estimated U.S. corn production at 14.578 billion bushels. The U.S. corn yield was estimated at 175.4 bushels per acre, up 3.6 bushels from October. In addition, 2017 marked the second consecutive year of a record U.S. corn yield. Last year the corn yield was 174.6 bushels per acre as it eclipsed the previous record of 171 bushels per acre in 2014. To summarize, corn has seen record setting years in three of the last four years. It certainly brings to light the tremendous genetics now being bred into each bag of seed corn. It also reminds us that corn likes wet, cool conditions, hating drought conditions. Ohio and the Midwest certainly saw those ideal growing conditions this summer.Corn ending stocks were estimated at 2.487 billion bushels, just shy of 2.5 billion bushels. That mark is an overwhelming number, which brings joy to the bears while bringing fear to those holding a huge amount of corn on the farm. Looking further at the November corn table, domestic usage of corn was increased 75 million bushels along with corn exports increasing the same 75 million bushels. Some analysts suggest that Brazil and Ukraine could see less corn production than previously estimated, had them in agreement with USDA that U.S. corn exports could easily be increasing the second half of the September to August marketing year. Others point out that corn used for ethanol could also be increasing in coming months from the current USDA estimate of 5.475 billion bushels.Corn and soybeans for much of October and early November had narrow trading ranges. Soybeans often had a daily range of seven cents or less while corn had a daily range of two cents or less. Overnight trading volumes were often very light for both corn and soybeans. This combination meant that grains were just not attractive for many traders. Option volatility was less than normal, meaning buyers of options had the opportunity to participate in the markets at less cost than seen in recent years. Some are suggesting that the nearby CBOT corn contract could reach $3.30. Soybeans during harvest spent some time above $10 but were unable to sustain those levels. Some speculators were exiting long soybean positions when the November report failed to reduce the U.S. soybean yield.last_img read more

33 feared killed as bus carrying Konkan varsity staff plunges into gorge in Maharashtra’s Raigad

first_img “Each year, our clerical staff members head for a picnic to Mahabaleshwar. They had rented the varsity bus. University authorities were alerted about the tragedy after receiving a phone call at 10: 30 a.m. saying that the bus had fallen into a gorge. One of the superintendents, Prakash Sawant-Desai, showed great courage and he managed to climb all the way up and give news about the mishap,” Sanjay Bhave, Director of Extension Education, BSKKV, told The Hindu.Ambulance teams have been sent from Mahabaleshwar to the accident spot.“Rescue teams, aided by locals and groups of trekkers, are already engaged in operations on a warfooting. Five rescue teams are presently engaged in the operation,” said Raigad District Collector Vijay Suryawanshi, adding that an NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) team had been dispatched from Pune.“Fog and rains are the major obstacles in rescue operations. We have sent a team from Pune with all the necessary rescue materiel,” said Sachidanand Gawade, Deputy Commandant, NDRF, Pune. | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement The group from Dapoli before the accident.center_img 33 people were feared killed and one injured after a private bus plunged into a 500 feet gorge in the mountainous section of Poladpur in Raigad district of Maharashtra on Saturday.Inclement weather is impeding rescue efforts.According to the authorities, 34 people, including two drivers, were travelling in the 40-seater bus. All the passengers were staff members of the Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth (BSKKV) in Dapoli.The tragedy occurred sometime after 9 a.m. at the Ambenali Ghat near Poladpur when the bus slid off the mountainous road and fell into the gorge.A superintendent of the varsity, Prakash Sawant-Desai, managed to climb up and give information about the tragedy. He is undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Poladpur.last_img read more