Al Thani’s defense considers the Prosecutor’s request “disproportionate”

first_imgA. Illegality of the application of the measure provided for in article 544 ter of the Criminal Procedure Act, as the criminal proceedings have not been addressed, nor the accusations against MÁLAGA CDF and NAAS FOOTBALL, which causes serious defenselessness.B. The crimes under investigation (unfair administration, misappropriation and imposition of abusive agreements) cannot give rise to criminal liability of the legal entity and this implies the impossibility of adopting precautionary measures of a criminal nature.C. The request is disproportionate, unnecessary and premature, taking into account the preliminary status of the investigation.D. The situation in which the club was when the AlThani family acquired the shares due to dissolution and competition cannot be forgotten; and that thanks to his contribution of nearly 150 million euros, not only allowed the economic viability of the club, but also allowed him to reach the highest sports levels in the history of the club“. The law firm Baker McKenzie has issued a statement on the oral hearing that has taken place this morning in the Court of Instruction No. 14 of Malaga regarding the complaint filed by the APA against the Al Thani family for the alleged crimes of unfair administration , misappropriation and imposition of abusive agreements. The defense of the sheikh considers the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to constitute a judicial administration in Malaga “disproportionate, unnecessary and premature”. Upon his departure from the courts, Baker McKenzie’s lawyer who defends the interests of Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani in this case, Jesús Santos declined to make statements and called on the media to issue an official statement.The full text of the statement is as follows:“1. The Al Thani family has made itself available to the court through its lawyer Jesus Santos through power granted in Qatar.2. Regarding the oral hearing on the judicial administration of the club, the lawyer of the AlThani family has opposed it on the basis of the following arguments:last_img

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